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Good Bye North Carolina Coastal Best Places


Coastal North Carolina Best Places To LiveIt’s hard for me to say goodbye to the North Carolina coastline.

But today we’re going to visit the last of our best small towns and cities under 30,000 people along the North Carolina Coastline.

Since it is our last look at the North Carolina Coastline, at least for the time being, I think it’s worth looking back at some of the key points.

The key points about finding your North Carolina Coastal Best Places to live, relocate or retire.

In the last few weeks we’ve roamed the white sandy dunes of the North Carolina coastal barrier islands we all know as the Outer Banks.

And we’ve traveled up the great river estuaries of the Inner Banks and moved even further west into the agricultural heartland of eastern North Carolina.

I hope you’ve noticed that all three areas of the North Carolina Coastal region are not only filled with some of my favorite best places to live in North Carolina, but also the significant number of small towns and cities with median population sizes in the 10-15,000 people range.

There are  a lot of choices for those of you looking for North Carolina Coastal Best Places to live in a smaller city or town.

Another point I want to mention is the closer to the ocean you get, the more you can expect to pay for housing but overall I think you now know there are affordable places to live along the North Carolina Coastline.

Coastal North Carolina Best Places To Live GuideNorth Carolina Coastal Best Places To Live Guide

Explore More NC Coastal Best Places To Live

There are many best places to live in North Carolina.  Best Places in North Carolina to relocate or retire with various advantages and disadvantages everywhere we went.   It just comes down to what you want and how that matches up with the places and choices available to you.

I hope that this series of Carolina Reports has opened your eyes to some new possibilities.  And helped you with your decision-making process.

Without further ado let’s work our way down to one of the southernmost tips of the North Carolina Coastline.

North Carolina Coastal Best Places Southport NC Learn about Living in NCThe city of Southport NC, one of our North Carolina Coastal Best Places to live has a population 5,233.   It sits about 45 minutes south of Wilmington NC not far where the Cape Fear River and Atlantic Ocean meet.

Frankly some of you may have already visited Southport NC, or a least seen it in the movies as it has become a favorite shooting locale for Wilmington NC based film studios.

Southport NC has the air of a little fishing village.

Its location on the main waterway to a major port city like Wilmington NC means much of its story and appeal centers around the water and boats.

So don’t be surprised when you find amazing marinas, a wonderful riverfront walk and the aptly named Waterfront Park.

Which I swear has some of the most beautiful views of the water you’ll find on the North Carolina Coastline.

Southport NC has a very laid-back feel enhanced by all the beautiful old homes and oak lined streets.

Downtown is five solid blocks packed with galleries, antique stores, cute boutiques, clothing stores, nice restaurants and cafes, as well as a visitor’s center and library.

Best of all Southport NC is known as the “Fourth of July Capital of North Carolina” and although I’ve never been, their annual July 4th celebration actually draws thousands of people from all over the country so you know it has to be good.


Coastal North Carolina Best Places To LiveWhiteville NC, population 3080, is another one of those farming communities meant for people wanting to find their Coastal North Carolina best places to live when they relocate or retire.

Yet still have access to bigger cities (Wilmington NC) yet enjoy a relatively hassle-free small-town existence.

Whiteville NC is known for it beautiful scenery from the lovely dogwood trees that line most of the streets to nearby fisherman’s paradise, Lake Waccamaw.

But you’ll also find an active art and cultural scene, a regional healthcare facility and one of the finest community colleges in North Carolina.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the annual Pecan Festival but it only adds to the mounting evidence that Whiteville’s a fun and interesting place to live.

Come back next week when we move southward once again and remember if you are interested in more information about our best small cities and towns in North Carolina be sure to check out NC Best Places.

See you next week!

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