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South Carolina Best Places To Live Mauldin~Simpsonville~Fountain Inn


South Carolina Best Places To Live Greenville  SCWow, is it Friday already?  Another chance to check out the Upstate South Carolina Best Places To Live.

Welcome back to this week’s edition of The Carolina Report and our journey to the South Carolina best places to live in the Greenville area.

Last week we explored the South Carolina best places to live west and south of Greenville – Berea, Easley and Liberty SC.  This week we’re staying put in that area to look at a trio of Upstate South Carolina best places to live small cities.

Mauldin, Simpsonville, Fountain Inn, SC Best Places To Relocate Or Retire in SCAny one of which might be your South Carolina best places to live to retire or relocate.

In fact, the three cities we’ll be looking at today are often referred to as part of the “Golden Strip”, an area noted for its economic diversity and low unemployment.

Not quite the Piedmont Triad or Research Triangle of North Carolina but these South Carolina best places to live are definitely on the move, nonetheless.

Let’s take a look at our first best place in South Carolina today.  A small city about 10 miles southeast of downtown Greenville right on US 276.   And one of the fastest growing cities in the state of South Carolina, Mauldin SC, population 23,808.

Mauldin has a long history in which its population has gone boom and bust.  In fact it almost ceased to exist after the Civil War, but frankly you wouldn’t know that just looking around here today.Mauldin SC Best Places To Relocate Or Retire

In fact Mauldin’s population has grown more than 35% in the last ten years and it’s not hard to see why this is one of the South Carolina best places to live.

Walk around Mauldin and you see a place on the move.  Conscientiously managing its growth and development.  And making investments in the things that people expect from a place with a high quality of life.

It’s a city with great schools, excellent parks and recreational facilities.  And a growing number of cultural outlets including a new cultural center.

Moreover, Mauldin’s location just inside the I-385 loop outside Greenville and entrepreneurial business culture has made it a prime place for businesses.

Businesses are relocating meaning not only jobs and business opportunities but also more services and amenities for its residents.  Definitely making it onto the list of South Carolina best places to live.

And how could it not?

Nearby lakes and a short drive to the Blue Ridge Mountains also make this a South Carolina best places to live for those who love the outdoors.

The people here are community oriented and active and it shows but what I am impressed with is all this comes with a median home value of only $147,709.

Remember, your only 10 miles southeast of the downtown of Greenville.

Simpsonville SC Best Places To Live In SCOur next South Carolina best places to live around the Greenville area is only a few miles southeast of Mauldin on the other side of I-385.  Simpsonville SC, population 19,056.

Like Mauldin SC, its neighbor, Simpsonville has enjoyed strong and steady growth over the last couple decades; its population increasing almost 30% in the last decade alone.

Simpsonville is a cosmopolitan place that attracts people from all over.

If you were to take a look at demographic information for the area, you’d note that the people in this best place are well-educated.

And it enjoys one of the highest median household incomes of any community in the Greenville SC area.

Upstate SC Best Places Guide South Carolina Upstate Best Places To Live Guide

Save Money Move To South Carolina Upstate Best Places

I like Simpsonville’s nice combination of old and new.

It sports a classic, very walkable, downtown area with charming storefronts and shops that spreads out into older more established neighborhoods increasingly surrounded by newer subdivisions that seem to be sprouting up everywhere around here.

In fact, real estate people tell me Simpsonville, SC has the highest percentage of new or never lived in housing in the Greenville area.

Combine this with great services and amenities like:

  • excellent medical center
  • wonderful parks
  • recreational facilities
  • good schools
  • proximity to Greenville

All this goes a long way in explaining why Simpsonville SC has garnered national recognition as not only one of the top ten best towns for families but one of the 25 most affordable cities in the entire country.

I’ll also add that the median home value in Simpsonville is around $135,928 so you may want to check it out!  Is it possible this is your best place to live in South Carolina?

Fountain Inn SC Best Places To Retire Or Relocate In South CarolinaOur last SC best places to live this week is about 5 miles southeast of Simpsonville and 25 miles southeast of Greenville, SC right off of I-385.

A place that bills itself as the “Diamond Tip of the Golden Strip”, Fountain Inn SC, population 7,898.

Like many places in the Greenville area, Fountain Inn derives its name quite literally from the fact that it used to be the location of an inn with a fountain.

The Inn was along a stage coach route where weary travelers stopped to rest, commemorated by the small fountain you’ll find outside city hall.

What’s drawing people to Fountain Inn SC now and making it a South Carolina best places to live , is that it is a quiet place with a lot of small town appeal.

It boasts warm friendly people and surprisingly enough, the services and amenities you’d expect to find in a much larger place.

Key investments in improving the downtown area and a growing arts and culture community are making Fountain Inn an increasingly popular best place for both businesses and tourism while city planners have managed growth and development quite effectively.

Affordability, fun as well as a median home value of around $113,950 all makes Fountain Inn one of those Upstate South Carolina best places to live you need to keep in mind when thinking about relocating or retiring to the Greenville area.

That’s enough for this week but I’ll see you next Friday as we hit our last two South Carolina best places to live in the Greenville area. And we can start talking about what best places to live in North Carolina or South Carolina will be our next adventure.

Until then – have a wonderful weekend!

Post Updated January 2014

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