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NC For Families Or Retirement Durham


Welcome to our journey to the Best Places to live in NC. Last week we took a closer look at the city of Durham.

During our visit,  we explored the diversity and job market and what helps to make Durham a best places to live in NC to begin with.
With a ranking of #10 on the annual list of the Best Places to live for Business and Careers, it was definitely a must-see city.
If you know me, you also know I’m not quite ready to leave Durham. So we’ll hang around and this time with a new focus.

Today, I am driving through the best places to live in NC around the city of Durham.  Not all of us are urban dwellers and there’s plenty to choose from in the Durham area. And close enough to commute into the city or Research Triangle for work.

Durham is on of the larger best places to live in NC cities, with more than 500,000 people calling it home.

It is a popular education area, too.  With Duke University calling it home. Add to the fact Durham is also part of the Research Triangle Park.  If you are not familiar with the North Carolina Research Triangle, it is a very important technology sector for the country.

So it’s no wonder it’s one of the best places to live in NC.  For many people, Durham has the makings of the ideal place to call home.

The natural question would be where should families and those who are looking to retire live if they want to live around Durham?

I’ve got some treasures for you so let’s get going!

I’ve traveled to the best places to live in NC of Pittsboro before and loved this charming town even then. It’s a smaller town with a lot of history.  No surprise as many best places to live in NC have a lot of history.

However, in Pittsboro, in addition to history,  here are beautiful small shops and art galleries.  And it would be easy to spend all day visiting the neighborhood eateries.

If you’re a young professional I think you’d find Pittsboro be perfect for you.  However  it also offers everything you could ask for if you’re retiring and the feeling of  safety and welcome is important.

Next on my list of best places to live in NC around Durham is ideal for families (especially when you want affordability.) Hillsborough, is the county seat of Orange County and is just 14 miles to the west of downtown Durham.

This makes it an ideal choice if you want to work in downtown Durham.  Or you like to have close availability of a large city with all its amenities.

It’s a southern town for sure, but it also has a higher quality of life. This town doesn’t even have 7000 people, but it’s just minutes from everything. It could be ideal for your family.

Another town simply too good not to visit on our journey today is Rougemont.

Technically not a town, Rougemont is an unincorporated community about 16 miles Durham and offers the ease of getting into the city for business and services.

Centrally located, Rougemont is just minutes from the Research Triangle.  Which is just one of the reasons why you’ll find this to be one of the Piedmont best places to live in NC is popular with families.

Not only is it conveniently located to Durham and the Research Triangle, you also have easy access to golf courses, NASCAR, and other sports events.

And if you like a home with a bit more property, the home lots are a bit bigger.  I really like all that Rougemont has to offer for families and retirees.  Perhaps most of all, affordability.

The last of our stops to the Piedmont best places to live in NC for today is Oxford. It’s another small community, known for its growth and development in the tobacco industry.

But that’s not all.  If you visit the cities website you’ll soon learn that a decade ago it was described as “one of the prettiest towns in the country.”  And today the residents still are committed to ensuring it is true.

Oxford has a very charming downtown area and welcoming residents.

I really like the overall classic look and neighborhood feel of the city. Definitely the warmth and friendliness of the residents strike you as the type of place you would want to raise your family.

Still, it’s only a few minutes from Durham, making the commute into downtown something that’s easy to do.

Any of these best places to live in NC near Durham and the Research Triangle can work well whether you want to raise your family or retire.

Reasonable cost of living, affordable homes, and beautiful amenities nearby. I really like the towns and cities we visited today as top-notch contenders when it comes to finding your best places to live in NC to call home.

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