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Small City Living In North Carolina Mountains


North Carolinas Mountain Best Places To LiveToday we are in a great city and one of the North Carolina Mountain best places to live. The ever popular city of Asheville.

In recent years I’ve had many people ask if Asheville was really just for retirement. And my response is always a more than a little bit surprised.

That’s not to say it isn’t a great place for retirement. However, Asheville is one of the more diverse small cities on the list of North Carolina Mountain best places to live.

Meaning it’s perfect for any age. So much so, in our countdown of the Best Places for Business and Careers by Forbes, Asheville ranked #29. Wow!!

Just a refresher or if you are joining us for the first time.

The research conducted by Forbes considered 12 key metrics all related to Business and Careers in small cities throughout the United States:

  • Past and Projected
  • Business and Living Costs
  • Income growth over the past five years
  • College and High School educational attainment
  • Projected economic growth through 2014
  • Migration patterns
  • Cultural and recreational opportunities
  • Number of highly ranked colleges in an area

Cost of Doing Business and Educational Attainment were the two factors with the most weight in the Overall ranking.

200 small cities throughout the United Sates were ranked and Asheville was #29 Overall!   That’s an incredibly impressive ranking.

No wonder Asheville is considered one of the North Carolina Mountain best places to live.

As we look around the city itself, it is clear why Asheville ranked so well.  Asheville has a strong tourism-based economy.

However it’s not the only industry.  Asheville also is very strong in  health care. But there is a strong manufacturing component to the area as well. Including a number of kayak manufacturers.  Boating anyone?

The lower unemployment rate means finding a job in and around Asheville certainly won’t be as difficult as it was years ago.

With a projected annual job growth of 2.4 percent, it is definitely one of the North Carolina Mountains best places to live where you can find a job.

In cost of doing business, Asheville ranked #13. Another great position!  Remember this is #13 out of 200.

If owning your own business is something you are interested in doing, Asheville has the structure and benefits in place.   It obviously lends itself and is supportive to the needs to encourage your business to grow

North Carolina Mountain Best Places To Live GuideNorth Carolina Mountain Best Places To Live Guide

Start Your New Life In The North Carolina Mountains Right
What Else Can You Expect?
The cost of living in Asheville is an attraction.  It is under the national average by 2.6 percent. And who of us doesn’t want our money to go further.

Regardless of raising a family or in retirement. A lower cost of living is an advantage. And is increasingly taking one of the top priorities in considering a move to North Carolina or South Carolina.

And it is just one of the many reasons for considering Asheville as one of the North Carolina Mountain best places to live.

It’s evident this North Carolina Mountain best places to live is more than a tourist destination.  More and more people are choosing to relocate their families to Asheville.  Whether if be the cost of living or simply the lifestyle.

In terms of Education, Asheville ranked #78 in education. Still well above the middle of the pack.

The University of North Carolina at Asheville and Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College are great local educational resources.

As important as jobs, cost of living and affordable housing is in choosing our North Carolina Mountain best places to live there still is more.  How will we spend our relaxation time?  And what types of recreation and leisure time is perfect for us?

If you’ve been a member for a while, you know Asheville is top of my list of North Carolina Mountain best places to live.  It’s a personal favorite.

It is a fantastic city!  There is so much this North Carolina Mountain best places to live small city can provide that shouldn’t be overlooked.

It’s easy to fall in love with mountains that surround Asheville.  You’ll find plenty of things to do and see.  You could spend some time relaxing on the rivers or hiking in the mountains if outdoor activities are for you.

But then perhaps you’d prefer to tour the Biltmore Estate? Or go shopping at Historic Biltmore Village. Stroll along tree-lined streets with brick sidewalks.  Sit and enjoy lunch at one of the outside dining establishments.  All with one of a kind stores.  Sure to please any shopper.

And of course you have downtown Asheville.  As eclectic a downtown as you’ll ever experience.  You might be surprised at the number of “organic” cafes and restaurants. Asheville has a definite “green” side.  It also has a more upscale downtown section for those who want a bit more mainstream.

There’s always something happening in the nightclubs, performance venues, and recreational centers.  Live music is a big tourism component here.

So, when it comes to choosing North Carolina Mountains best places to live that offer great job growth and outstanding amenities, Asheville, North Carolina is definitely a place to consider.

It’s high ranking on the list really sends a message that it is not just a place to retire. But also a place to raise a family.   And enjoy a relaxing, beautiful lifestyle.

It could be at the top of the list of North Carolina Mountains best places to live for you to call home, too.

I’ll see You in the Carolinas!

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