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Living In South Carolina Best Small Cities ~ Sumter

South Carolina Best Small Cities To LiveSumter SC ranked #166 overall for South Carolina Best Small Cities to live for Business and Careers.

And so we continue on our countdown of the Best Places For Business and Careers 2013.

Our stop Piedmont South Carolina Best Small Cities~Sumter this week will give you another chance to find out why it’s on not only the Forbes Annual Report but also is one of my South Carolina Best Small Cities to live.

Known as the “Transit Hub,” stick around!

Find out why you may just want to consider buying a home, bringing up your family, retiring, and maybe even starting that business you’ve always dreamed of this South Carolina Best Small Cities.

Back up for just a minute…

As most of you know, we’re visiting the best places for business and careers that were ranked on the Forbes Annual Report.  Well, we’re visiting the best places in North Carolina and South Carolina that is.

We’ve already visited the North Carolina and South Carolina best places to live of:

As you can see, Sumter is right below Florence SC at #166.

Sumter SC has a 40,836 population of 40,836 people. There’s little doubt why Sumter is one of the South Carolina Best Small Cities as it has a lot to offer.

It’s a hub for both infrastructure and industry even today and has long held this title.

You’ll love walking through downtown and seeing some of the historic homes here. In fact, it’s something Sumter is known for.

Piedmont South Carolina Best Places To Live GuidePiedmont South Carolina Best Places to Live Guide

Save Money Affordable Piedmont SC Best Places

The city is also the home of the Shaw Air Force Base so it comes as no surprise Sumter SC has a strong military culture.  I’m not sure I could capture Sumter any better than they themselves say…

Even today the heroes of our community stand at the ready to defend our country.  We embrace our friends and neighbors of the Air Force and Army who work every day to make America safe.

We are a community of connections where deep family roots combine with a welcoming spirit.  We are the perfect combination of small town warmth and city amenities. ” ~ City of Sumter SC

Seriously doesn’t that make you want to check it out?  Sounds like it belongs on the list of South Carolina Best Small Cities to live to me!!

And…Sumter is also home to numerous colleges and some great shopping areas.

Alright to the business at hand (no pun intended okay maybe a little)

One of the key metrics of the report was Cost of Doing Business. Of the 200 small cities throughout the U.S. that were ranked, Sumter SC ranked #143.

Certainly it’s not the worse place for cost of doing business and I’m sure for those of you wanting to start a business you’ll find all things considered Sumter is affordable for cost of doing business.  And this also leaves room for new businesses to come into the area to drive the economy up.

Overall, Sumter SC is very affordable – and that goes for everyday living expenses, too. In fact, the cost of living here is 11.6 percent below the national average.

Who doesn’t want to buy a home in an area with a strong economy and a low cost of living? Of course, businesses moving in is a good thing, too. It helps everyone in the long run when the cost of doing business is affordable and cost of living is affordable.

More and more North Carolina and South Carolina are NOT just for retirees.  Many younger families are looking to relocate to their best places to live in the Carolinas.

However, even if you have no plans of actually working when you move (Sumter SC is a fabulous destination for retirement living) you still likely want to live in an area with a strong job sector.

The unemployment rate here is 9.2 percent, which is considerably lower than many cities in the U.S..

Additionally, in 2012, the city saw a job growth rate of 1 percent.  Some of that growth was in the areas of aerospace, defense and food processing.  Two of the major industries present here. This helped the city to earn a rank of #121 in Job Growth.

The final area the report looked at was Education. In this area, Sumter SC ranked #125.

The college attainment level in the city stood at 18.9 percent, which helped to create this higher rank. Additionally, Sumter is home to several schools.  Including the University of South Carolina at Sumter, Central Carolina Technical College, and Morris College.  Sumter is also home to Webster University.

Sumter SC has a median household income of $38,763 which for some depending upon where you currently live may sound low.  However keep in mind the cost of living in South Carolina may be lower also.

One of the great things is the median home price here is $124,514. How does that compare to where you live now?

Overall, I think you have to agree Sumter SC has a lot to offer and deserves its spot on the list of South Carolina Best Small Cities for jobs and business.  The area is a center for business and an important destination for its rich history, too.

You’ll find that this area is beautiful, too, with a rolling landscape and plenty of parks to add to the overall quaint city feel.

I’m off to get ready for our next North Carolina and South Carolina best place for business and careers.

I’ll be seeing You….In the Carolinas!

Have a great week

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