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Pawleys Island South Carolina Coast Best Place To Live


Pawleys Island SC sits just off a peninsula between the Waccamaw River and the Atlantic ocean along coastal South Carolina. This narrow piece of land is called Waccamaw Neck.

Pawleys Island South Carolina Coast Best Place To LiveAnd is definitely a South Carolina Coast best place to live.

Last to be developed, this part of the Grand Strand has four miles of beautiful white sandy beaches.

Boasting classic-style beach homes available for vacation rental and permanent resident.

And it’s referred to by the natives as “arrogantly shabby.”

Getting on and off Pawleys Island  is easy with two bridges – North Causeway and South Causeway – connecting it to the mainland.

Only at the southern tip is there public beach access which limits the number of daily tourists that visit Pawleys Island.

Most people on this South Carolina Coast best place to live are either year round residents or beach lovers renting a house.

Pawleys Island SC is a small beach community. And by small I mean small.  According to the 2000 census only 138 people called Pawleys Island home.

From the beginning of it’s existence, Pawleys Island has been known for its laid back casual life style. You won’t see any busy intersections and hustle and bustle here.

Could that be another reason why it is considered a South Carolina Coast best place to live?

In fact driving through Pawleys Island I couldn’t help but wonder if the use of a car was somewhat intrusive.

It’s narrow streets and quiet, sunny disposition made me want to stop and not interrupt the peaceful atmosphere.

I’m sure if you’re like me when you think historic district you think of a least a few blocks of beautiful architecture reminiscent of a period gone by.

While you won’t find “blocks” within the Pawleys Island SC historic district, you will find 12 residences which date from the late 1700′s to the mid 1800′s.

Rice Plantation owners on nearby rivers were the first to call Pawleys Island home. They moved their entire families including livestock to the Island in May of each year and remained until the first frost.

Coastal South Carolina Best Places To Live Retire Or RelocateSouth Carolina Coast Best Places To Live Guide

Start Your Life In Coastal South Carolina In The Right Place

This South Carolina Coast best place to live is actually one of the South Carolina barrier islands.

And includes a small portion of the mainland that’s adjacent to the island. A residential area and the Waccamaw River.

The mainland included in the Pawleys Island SC post office has quaint, village-style shops. There are also wonderful golf courses and some pretty nice dining options.

South Carolina Coast Best Place To Live Pawleys Island SCOne of the essential things to do is visit Brookgreen Gardens, the world’s largest sculpture garden.

How nice to relocate to this South Carolina Coast best place to live and be able to stroll through Brookgreen Gardens often.  It really is a great way to spend an afternoon.

A break from the beach and relax among a variety of trees and plants.

Pawleys Island offers a laid back atmosphere and attitude befitting its claim to fame: the original Pawleys Island Hammock.

So what makes Pawleys Island a South Carolina Coast Best Place To Live?

Located between Myrtle Beach and Charleston, Pawleys Island is bordered on the east by the Atlantic Ocean and by a salt marsh on the west.

With an almost limitless supply of flounder and oysters. Crabbing in adjacent creeks, fishing, stories of ghosts and the unspoiled stretch of wide beach and sand dunes.

What more could you want for South Carolina Coast living?

Discover more about South Carolina Coast Best Place To Live Pawleys Island.

See you next week as we continue our exploration of the South Carolina Coast Best Places To Live near the Grand Strand.

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