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North Carolina Best Places To Live Jobs and Business In Hickory


Hickory North Carolina Best Places To Live Jobs and Business

Explore Hickory North Carolina Best Places To Live

We are exploring the lovely North Carolina Best Places To Live of Hickory.  Located in the Piedmont region with as you can see some beautiful surroundings.

For those of you that have been with me the past couple of weeks, you know we’re talking about the 14 cities in North Carolina and South Carolina on the Forbes’ 2013 List of Best Places To Live for Business and Careers.

Since most of us are considering North Carolina or South Carolina for our best place to live, it’s Great News!!!

They’ve put together some great information that can help us find our Best Places to live. Which 11 of the 14 ranked in the Top 100

Remember…200 of the largest metropolitan statistical areas in the U.S. were ranked.

I thought we’d continue what they began.  So,we’re taking a closer look at each of the cities in the Carolinas one by one.

We’ll explore what the city has to offer, and we’ll talk about the areas in terms of cost of living, economic growth and so forth related to Jobs and Business.

I’m counting down to #1, or in the case of just the Carolinas, #3.

So today; we’re starting at a North Carolina best places to live ranked #195.

Yes, I’ve been here before as Hickory has long been on my list of North Carolina best places to live.  So I can’t be more pleased to be back again!

Hickory NC has a population of about 41,469 people, and is located in Catawba County.  Catawba County has a population of 159,125 people.

For purposes of this discussion, Hickory NC includes the Hickory, Lenoir, and Morganton metropolitan statistical area, with a population of 363,900.

Piedmont North Carolina Best Places To Live To Retire Or RelocatePiedmont North Carolina Best Places To Live Guide

Explore Piedmont North Carolina Best Places To Live

Hickory North Carolina Jobs and Business ranks #6 in the cost of doing business.

This means it is one of the best cities in the country for people who are looking to start their own businesses.  What a great opportunity.

Whether you are considering retiring or relocating your family to North Carolina, running a small business can keep you busy.  Not only do you get to build an additional stream of income but what better way to meet new people?

On the other hand, Hickory North Carolina Jobs and Business ranked #198 in job growth, may seem pretty much close to dead last.

Its major industry is technology, though at one point, as much as 60% of the nation’s furniture was produced within a 200-mile radius of Hickory.

While the technology industry is one of the major players, Hickory and the surrounding areas still produce their share of furniture.

Lenoir North Carolina Best Places To Live Jobs and Business

Lenoir NC

With a projected 0.8% annual increase in job growth, Hickory NC won’t be at the top of the list any time soon.  But remember, Hickory is still showing growth during a time when many areas of the country are experiencing loss.

Compared to a 0.4% job growth in 2012, the future looks promising for anyone considering relocating to Hickory.  And don’t forget about the surrounding areas of Lenoir NC and Morganton NC.

Of the employment opportunities in Hickory, 1.9% are technological in nature. As of July 2013, the unemployment rate is 10 %, but as job growth continues to rise, this number will fall.

Hickory NC is home to Alex Lee, Inc headquarters. The company was first founded in 1931 and is in the food, drink, and tobacco industry.

It is a wholesale distributor of food, drink and tobacco products to restaurants and convenience stores.

Morganton Piedmont North Carolina Best Places To Live Jobs and Business

Morganton NC

As of the 2012 fiscal year, this company comes in at #157 on Forbes’ America’s Largest Private Companies list.

With 8,550 employees and $2.86 billion in annual revenue, this company provides a boom to the local economy.

Other large companies with more than 1,000 North Carolina jobs include:

  • Comm/Scope, specializing in fiber optic cable
  • Century Furniture, specializing in furniture manufacturing
  • Sherrill Furniture, specializing in furniture manufacturing
  • Hickory Springs, specializing in furniture manufacturing
  • Catawba County Schools
  • Frye Regional Medical Center

Smaller companies ranging from 500 to 1,000 North Carolina jobs include:

  • Shurtape Technologies, specializing in pressure sensitive tape manufacturing
  • McCreary Modem, specializing in furniture manufacturing
  • Thomasville Industries, specializing in furniture manufacturing
  • Pierre Foods, specializing in restaurants and baking
  • CT Group, transportation and trucking
  • International Legwear Group, specializing in hosiery manufacturing
  • Moretz, Inc., specializing in hosiery manufacturing

The cost of living in this Piedmont North Carolina best places to live is below the national average 11.1%. This means it is definitely an affordable option for a North Carolina best places to live.

The median household income is $38,519. Which depending upon where you currently live, can seem a bit low.  But remember…the cost of living is lower and the median home price is only around $107,400.

Overall, Hickory NC is a very affordable Piedmont North Carolina best places to live.

In terms of education, Hickory ranks at #187.  About 79% of the residents have attained at least a high school diploma. 18.2% of the residents have attained a college degree, and 6.3% of the residents have attained a graduate degree.

With all the beauty and splendor of Piedmont North Carolina and natural beauty Hickory has to offer, there’s no reason not to consider Hickory as your North Carolina best places to live.

Well, I’ve got to get going.  We’re counting down….or up???? to the South Carolina and North Carolina best places to live For Business and Careers.

Have a great one and I’ll see You in the Carolinas

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