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Zebulon Research Triangle North Carolina Best Places To Live


Zebulon North Carolina Best Places To Live In NC Piedmont RegionToday is our last week exploring the North Carolina Best Places To Live small towns and cities in and around the Research Triangle area of Piedmont North Carolina.

Hello again and welcome to this week’s Carolina Report.

Yes, that’s right, it’s our last week visiting the North Carolina Best Places To Live of the Research Triangle but boy has it been a fun ride.

I hope you’ve learned that some of the North Carolina and South Carolina best places to Live are that small unassuming town outside a busy, booming big city.

Alas, all good things come to and end.

So today we’ll be looking at our last North Carolina best places to live best small town in the Research Triangle area.

We heading roughly 10 miles east of Wendell NC (last weeks North Carolina Best Places To Live.)  We’re headed to a town whose namesake was a famous Civil War Governor and US Senator from North Carolina.   Zebulon NC, population 4,633.

If you were wondering…

The famous North Carolina politician was Zebulon B. Vance.

However, what originally put Zebulon on the map and made it one of the Piedmont North Carolina Best Places To Live, literally, was the extension of the railroad east from Raleigh NC.

The extension shortly turned Zebulon into a center for agricultural goods especially tobacco and cotton.  The legacy of which can still be seen in Zebulon’s classic downtown business district.

This North Carolina best places to live small town bills itself as the “Town of Friendly People” and I have to concur.

The people I have met in Zebulon are friendly, neighborly and they really care about their small town.

Most of all the residents like the fact that even with increased change and growth, they have been able to maintain Zebulon’s comforting small town feel.

Speaking of change, you can see signs of all sorts of newer manufacturing facilities.  Companies like the GlaxoSmithKline which is a major employer.  But did you know Zebulon’s latest claim to fame is almost a throwback to another era? A growing coat making industry.

How cool is that?

Almost as cool as the local median home value is a little below $119,700.  Which in my book means another kind of change.  The kind you keep in your pocket.

Well that’s all for now from the Research Triangle and North Carolina Best Places To Live but it was definitely a good run.

Keep sending your questions and comments and I’ll see you next week when we look at….

Well, I’m not sure yet where we’ll be next week but I do know that we’ll be talking about how to find the Best Places to live in the Carolinas.

Okay…I do know we’ll be heading Southeast and I did promise all you South Carolina lovers we’d be heading to the Palmetto state next.

Take care and have a great week!

Thanks again for all the great questions, ideas and suggestions.

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