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Port City North Carolina Best Places To Live


Today, we visit one of my favorite cities in Coastal North Carolina best places to live.

Coastal North Carolina Best Places To LiveIt’s hard to believe it’s been nearly a year since we began our journey through the best places to live in South Carolina and  North Carolina.

I had no idea that You would keep wanting more and more.

And so, I’m excited to begin our next exploration visiting the best places to live in North Carolina and South Carolina based upon population.

Ready to get going?

I can tell you’re asking yourselves…

“Where are we going next?”

For those of you who’ve been along throughout this journey you may have guessed by now!

We’re going to the best places to live in South Carolina and  North Carolina relocate and retire, with populations between 50,000 and 100,000 people!

A lot of you have expressed you want to live in an area with less people but WAIT

You never know, you might just find the best places for You to live among this group.

I know you’ve already gotten a lot of information but this is a really good group of best places to live in the Carolinas.  And it’s your opportunity to learn about a number of them you may not have heard of yet.

Just to refresh…some of the general themes we’ve been hitting on throughout the journey to find your South Carolina and  North Carolina best places to live are:

  • affordability
  • quality of life
  • education
  • economic opportunities
  • big city services
  • amenities

I think you’ll find these South Carolina and North Carolina best places to live with populations between 50,000 and 100,000 hold up well against all the places we’ve already been.

Remember, we’re not talking about small towns anymore- we’re starting to talk about small to medium sized cities in South Carolina and North Carolina. Best Places cities and as you’ll see they have a lot to offer.Coastal North Carolina Best Places To Live

So let’s get going….

Located on the Cape Fear River not far from the southeastern corner of North Carolina… Wilmington.

Coastal North Carolina Best Places to live of Wilmington is the largest city in the eastern part of the state.

Historically Wilmington’s made its mark as the home to many things.  But what really put the city on the map is its longtime importance as a major East Coast deep water seaport.

Coastal North Carolina Best Places To Live GuideNorth Carolina Best Places To Live Guide

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In my mind another thing that makes this one of the North Carolina best places is its abundant natural beauty and ideal location.

If you want to live near the ocean and beautiful NC beaches, wherever you settle in Wilmington the water is not far away.

  • Also, Wilmington’s particular latitude and longitude give it a mild subtropical climate with summer temperatures rarely getting above 88 degrees.   And winter temperatures on average in the 50’s and 60’s making it a wonderful place to spend time outdoors.

In general, Wilmington North Carolina has a reputation for being a laid back place to live.  I gotta say its wealth of history, cultural attractions and beautiful white beaches are hard to beat.

Take a stroll through downtown Wilmington NC and you’ll see a wonderful mix of old and new.Coastal North Carolina Best Places To Live

From the beautiful 200 block historical district filled with multi-use buildings, bed and breakfasts, restaurants, offices and residential housing.

To the quaint specialty shops, clubs and beautiful park and pedestrian way that line its reclaimed waterfront.

In terms of entertainment, Wilmington NC has a vibrant nightlife, especially at the height of tourist season in the summer.

I particularly love to go hang out at Thalian Hall Center for the Performing Arts.

A restored old Victorian opera house and art center that hosts everything from jazz to modern dance performances.

What are some of the intangibles you need to keep in mind when it comes to Wilmington North Carolina?

In terms of the local economy, Wilmington NC has very few large employers. However Wilmington prides itself on its small businesses and entrepreneurial culture which has attracted a lot of younger workers to the area.

Another advantage for local businesses has been the quality of the programs and students of local universities like the University of North Carolina, Wilmington. And I can’t forget the unique situation of having the third largest motion picture production studio in the country located in their backyard.

Wilmington NC ranked quite highly in recent Forbes and Fortune magazine surveys of best places to start a business or a career.

In fact, you may have already visited Wilmington NC because the city and its surrounding areas have been featured in several hundred films and television programs over the years.

On the education front, as one of the Coastal North Carolina Best Places to live,  Wilmington and New Hanover county schools have a good reputation.  They have consistently scored above average in statewide tests.

UNC Wilmington is very highly rated and often scores in the top 10 of public university in the southeastern United States.

And for you older “kids” UNCW is also home to an Oster Lifelong Learning institute if you’re on the look out for new things to learn and do!

Coastal Wilmington Port City North Carolina Best Places To Live BeachesWilmington NC has a housing market with something for everyone.

Single family homes, townhomes, condominiums, multi-family housing and manufactured homes can all be found at affordable rates.

Not everyone is interested in buying a home.

With just over 50% of Wilmington NC residents living in rental properties you know renting is a popular option.

Well that’s it for Wilmington, one of the Coastal North Carolina best places to live.   I’ll see you next week for a look at another one of our South Carolina and North Carolina best places to live with a population of 50,000 to 100,000 people.

Remember if you want more information about North Carolina Best Places to live check out our video.

Take care and I’ll see you next week.

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