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NC Best Places To Live Matthews, Indian Trail, Monroe


Another Friday, another Carolina Report where we look at the Piedmont NC best places to live.

Piedmont NC Best Places to Live Relocate Or Retire Piedmont NC best places to live small cities, towns and assorted communities in the Charlotte metro area.

Yep, we’re still in and around Charlotte NC but now we’re moving away from the west side of town.

We’re headed over to the south side of Charlotte to visit the Piedmont NC best places to live small towns in this area.

Which may just become some of your best places to live in North Carolina and South Carolina!

So far most of the NC best places to live we’ve looked at in the Charlotte area have amazingly similar stories.

Former cotton mill small towns with access to new and growing systems of rail lines.

These Piedmont NC best places to live are now benefiting from the growth of metropolitan Charlotte.

Yet they remain comfortable low cost alternatives to the big city.

All true to a certain extent.  What I want you to know is that each one of these NC best places to live we visit is unique in its own right.

Even though I can’t fully express the uniqueness of each of the NC best places to live small towns and cities here, doesn’t make it less so.

My hope is that you’ll make your short list from the NC best places to live I’ve visited and shared with you. Then you’ll visit some of these NC best places small towns and cities and see what I mean.

Believe me there are some true gems in this part of North Carolina.  Okay, enough of my rambling.

Let’s take a look at the  first of our NC best places to live today!  Matthews NC best places to live Relocate Or Retire In NC

A nice suburban community that straddles the southeast side of the I-485 loop 10 miles from downtown Charlotte.  The town of Matthews NC, population 28,700.

Once a small farming community and railroad stop, Matthews has become a relatively affluent suburban hideaway.

It’s also a great example of how a lot of small towns and cities in this area have blended old and new aspects of their communities to make a highly desirable NC best place to live.

Downtown Matthews is very pedestrian friendly.  With many well preserved historical buildings. But you’ll also find there is a large village green bordered by a new City Hall.

Piedmont NC Best Places To Live Utlimate GuidePiedmont North Carolina Best Places To Live Guide

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Along with the City Hall are blocks of newer offices and shops designed and built to deliberately maintain the classic historic small town look of the downtown.

I like to look around the shops on nearby Trade Street especially Renfrow’s Hardware.  A genuine old-fashion hardware and farm supply store.

Matthews NC seems to have just about everything.  Come spring one of the best farmers markets in the area opens for business right next to the hardware store.

Matthews NC is home to everything from Fortune 500 companies to a community college and well-respected medical center.  And a lot of great arts and recreational opportunities so definitely check it out.

I will also note that for a more affluent area, Matthews NC median home value is still a respectable $212,700.

Indian Trail NC Best Place To Live In NCNext on our list of NC Best Places to live is one of the fastest growing towns in the Charlotte area (…and that’s saying a lot.)

Indian Trail NC, population 34,818.

Indian Trail NC, whose name refers to a time when this area was part of a trading route with local Native Americans.

This route ran all the way up to Petersburg, VA, and is only five miles southeast of Matthews NC.

Indian Trail NC has grown by leaps and bounds.  Going from barely 2000 people in 1990 to almost 35,000 today.  Now that’s huge growth.

The major commercial and economic development along US 74 emanating out from Charlotte is one of the reasons for this growth.

The resulting explosion of newer, affordable housing subdivisions that has pulled people from all over the country and all over Piedmont North Carolina to make this a compelling NC best places to live smaller town.

Needless to say Indian Trail NC is a pretty cosmopolitan place.

Frankly the newcomers outnumber the natives.  But catering to that growth has also pushed needed investments. Investments in the kinds of things that bring a higher quality of life.

Including investments in parks and green spaces.  Transportation infrastructure as well as more development of the downtown area.  And strengthen neighborhoods instead of feeding suburban sprawl.

Despite the rapid growth, the NC small town of Indian Trail maintains a safe, family-friendly small town atmosphere.  Even today, Indian Trail honors it’s history.

The downtown of Indian Trail this year (as has every year) will host the 28th Native American Pow Wow held each fall.

Indian Trail NC definitely is charting a course for continued growth and development that preserves its history and all of this with a median home value of only $172,000.  Wow!

Monroe  Piedmont NC best places to live Small Towns Relocate Or RetireThe last of the Piedmont NC best places to live today is another gem on the south side of the Charlotte metropolitan area.

This NC Best Place bills itself as “Charlotte’s Best Neighborhood.”  Let’s see why!

The Piedmont NC best places of  Monroe NC, population 33,643.

This small city in North Carolina is located roughly 25 miles southeast of Charlotte on Rt. 74.  And has benefited greatly from Charlotte’s rapid economic development.

Those looking to escape the hustle and bustle for a North Carolina small city state of mind.

Needless to say this has brought with it a higher quality of life.  And frankly won’t hurt the job prospects of those of you looking for work.

My favorite place in this NC best places to live small city is its beautiful, classic downtown.  Tree lined streets, quaint shops, historic buildings and a genuinely laid back atmosphere.

It’s a great place to take a walk.

Check out the daily farmer’s market.  O take in one of Monroe’s many festivals like the annual Blooming Arts Festival or Waxhaw Scottish Fair and Games.

Another intangible benefit to living this NC best places to live small city is a mild distinct four season climate.  This allows you to enjoy year round outdoor recreation.

Nearby Cane Creek Park is a popular outdoor destination for hiking, biking, fishing and horseback riding.

Oh yeah, Monroe is in a section of North Carolina known for its horses and equestrian industry. It is actually home to one of the best steeplechase courses in the country.

Monroe NC is also home to several quality public and private golf courses for those of you wanting to spend your free time out on the links.

And if you’re wanting to save a little money on housing, the median home value in Monroe NC is around $143,000.

I’ll see you next week when we continue to visit the Piedmont NC best places to live around Charlotte.

Until then, have a great week!

Post Updated January 2014

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