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North Carolina Best Places To Live City of Medicine


Piedmont North Carolina Best Places To LiveWe’re headed back to the Research Triangle area to take a look at one of the Piedmont North Carolina best places to live known as “Bull City.”

Durham NC, population of more than 239,358.

And so…it must be time for another Carolina Report!

We continue to crisscross North Carolina and South Carolina looking at some of the North Carolina best places to live.

Best Places in North Carolina to retire or relocate with populations of 201,000 to 300,000 people.

Like many of the cities and towns of North Carolina’s northern Piedmont region, Durham NC got its start as a railroad stop in the 1840’s.

In this case for the new North Carolina Railroad.

As time passed what was originally called “Durham Station” grew from a small agricultural settlement into a thriving city famous mostly for its highly profitable tobacco products and prestigious schools like Duke University.

While Duke university is still standing and a major local employer.  What remains of the local tobacco industry is old warehouses and factory buildings.  But this history is being turned into lofts apartments, office spaces and shopping centers for a new generation of “Durhamites”.

Today with over 300 medical-related facilities and businesses employing over a quarter of its residents.  Piedmont North Carolina best places to live of Durham now calls itself “The City of Medicine”.

What started as an effort to prevent young scientists and researchers from leaving the state in the 1950’s has made Durham NC home to one of the most productive research and development centers in the United States.

Durham is part of the Research Triangle Park.  The park consists of three of three of the North Carolina best places to live…Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill.

Durham NC obviously has a lot going for it.  And I have to say it feels like a place that is really on the move.  Confident in what it had yet striving to realize its fullest potential.

Piedmont North Carolina best places to live Ultimate GuidePiedmont North Carolina Best Places To Live Guide

Save Money In Piedmont NC Best Places To Live

The people are in Durham are friendly, community oriented and come from all backgrounds and frankly all places.

There is no doubt about it that Durham has a big city vibe.  But if you get out into its many neighborhoods and stroll along quaint tree lined streets you find yourself thinking you’re in a much smaller town.

Downtown Durham NC is a lot of fun.  And I really like all the stuff that is easily within walking distance from a bustling Duke University campus.

Walk on over to the shopping and restaurants in nearby Bright Leaf Square. Or down to the beautiful Durham Performing Arts Center.  Just a short jaunt over to the Durham Bulls Baseball stadium and you’ve had a pretty full day.

As one of the North Carolina best places to live it wouldn’t be complete without a great nightlife.  And frankly I had no idea that it had so many excellent restaurants.  Many of which are nationally or regionally ranked.

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast you will love to know that as one of the North Carolina best places to live, it has:

  • over 60 parks
  • over 20 miles of greenways and trails
  • several of the best golf courses in North Carolina
  • hundreds of tennis courts
  • three large nearby lakes offering fun and relaxation on the water

Alright, so what are some of the intangibles about Durham NC that will be important to you if this is your North Carolina best places to live?

First if you do a computer search seeking various national rankings involving life in Durham NC I guarantee you’ll be shocked.  This North Carolina best places to live  literally falls into the hundreds and cover all different categories from best place to retire to best housing market to…you name it.

The local economy is diverse, strong, entrepreneurial, and future-oriented.  Drawing business people and young workers from all over the world.  Which means jobs, a higher standard of living and business opportunities to you.

Durham’s a very cosmopolitan place with a diverse population that is also very highly education.  Close to half of the population has at least a bachelors degree.  Which is also to say the kind of community pushing for the kinds of services and investments that will enhance the overall quality of life in Durham.

In terms of educational opportunities, Durham NC is a major college town.  It has two major universities and five smaller colleges.  And has a solid public school system that consistently ranks very high in the state.  Which makes it perfect for relocation of younger families.

Durham sports an active arts and culture community.  With everything from a symphony orchestra to museums and art galleries to local theater groups.  And to the most amazing crop of festivals in the country.

“The City of Medicine” also provides some of the best medical care in the country.  It is home to several well-respected medical care facilities especially the Duke University Medical Center.

Durham NC has long been a great place for retirees to settle down.  With its strong and comprehensive medical services, many cultural and recreational pursuits as well as educational opportunities at places like the Duke University Osher Lifelong Learning Institute.

In terms of housing Durham is the kind of place that’s seen a lot of housing development in recent years.  Just remember, whether it’s a townhome in a planned community out near Falls Lake or a sophisticated loft apartment in downtown, Durham has something for everyone.

If your not interested in buying a home in Durham NC, renting is definitely a viable alternative with popular rental options including everything from homes and townhouses to apartments.

Okay, I’ve only scratched the surface of the North Carolina best places to live relocate or retire with Durham.

That’s all for now so adios until next week when we continue to seek out the best places to live in the Carolinas.  The best towns and cities in North Carolina and South Carolina with populations between 201,000 and 300,000 people.

I’ll See You In The Carolinas!

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