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NC Best Beaches To Live U.S.Youngest City Jacksonville


One of the largest Marine Corps Base Camps in the country just so happens to be… yep, on the one of the NC best beaches to live.

The city of Jacksonville NC, population of about 72,000.Coastal North Carolina Best Places To Live  Okay, that’s not entirely true.

If any of you have been following current events especially over the last ten years, you may have heard about Marines being deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan from Camp Lejeune.

Hey, how are You this week?  Welcome to this week’s Carolina Report.

Today we’re going to move about an hour northeast of the beautiful Coastal North Carolina best places to live of  Wilmington.

Don’t worry we’re not leaving the ocean.  But we are going to one of our NC best beaches to live that many of you might not have heard of.

Sitting at the head of the New River Inlet in North Carolina’s fertile central coastal plain. Coastal Jacksonville was, for much of its history, a small rural farming community.

Known mostly for its tobacco, agricultural products and local fishing industry.  In 1940 all that changed. The War Department decided to build a new Marine Corp base and training facility just outside of town.

The NC best beaches to live city of Jacksonville may be known for their military bases, lovely beaches and outdoor recreation.  But the real story is the local housing market is incredibly affordable.

You might say that much of what happens in Jacksonville NC is tied to Camp Lejeune.  And the nearby Marine New River Air Station.

This NC best beaches to live city always tops the list of the Youngest Cities in the United States.  With a median age of only 22.4 years old.  Mostly due to its large population of young Marines.

The military facilities also are the largest employers in the area.  With roughly 70% of base personnel living in Jacksonville.

I mention this because one of the things that makes Jacksonville a NC best beaches to live city is the economic stability. And the government military spending has brought that to the local economy.  Especially over the last ten years.

This stability has helped Jacksonville NC weather the recent economic downturn fairly well.  It helps to support local small businesses and provides revenue to invest.  And this NC best beaches to live city invests in the kinds of things that improve the overall quality of life for Jacksonville citizens.

The improvements can be seen from various parks to schools. Which are all things you want to keep in mind while trying to find you best places to live in the Carolinas.

Coastal North Carolina Best Places To Live GuideCoastal North Carolina Best Places To Live Guide

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What I really love about Jacksonville and the NC Best Beaches is the community and civic pride. And you find it all the more reinforced by the many memorials and tributes to those who’ve answered their country’s call.

Okay, I don’t want you to come away thinking only about military bases in this NC beaches best places to live.  Because Jacksonville, NC really has a lot more to offer.

First off, it’s in a truly beautiful location.

Beaches, beaches, beaches!  And more great NC Best Beaches to live!!

And of course have some of the NC best beaches to live means it is a part of North Carolina’s Crystal Coast.   So having fun on beautiful white sandy NC Beaches is only a short car ride away.  And the New River Inlet and nearby Atlantic Ocean are perfect for all types of water sports.

You can enjoy the day from fishing, boating and scuba diving to kayaking and just plain swimming.

Nearby Hammocks Beach State Park offers relaxation and a fascinating look at local endangered Logger-head sea turtles and I can’t say enough about strolling around the Lynwood Park Zoo in town.

For those looking for culture, classes or both, check out the local Council for the Arts as well as offerings from Coastal Carolina Community College.

I will say that Jacksonville NC is a little ways from the nearest interstate but location wise you are still only a few hours away from several large East Coast hot spots and a small regional airport offering service to Charlotte NC is only minutes away.

Being close to the NC Beaches, about 60% of Jacksonville residents are renters.  So for those of you not interested in buying a home at this time you’ll find renting is a good option.

Seriously if you want to live by the ocean affordably, check out this NC best beaches to live. I think you will love it.

I’ll see you next week as we head off to another of our best places to live in the Carolinas with populations between 50,000 and 100,000 people.

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