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Can I Afford Coastal Myrtle Beach SC

SC Coast Best Place To LiveWelcome to the Coastal SC! And in particular….one of SC Coast best cities to live Myrtle Beach!

You’ll love the views, the ocean breeze and all of the entertainment options (not to mention the golf) located here. And seriously don’t most of us love the beach?

Especially in the winter!!!!

As we’ve been doing for a while now, we’re visiting the best places to live in North Carolina and South Carolina and talking about jobs, business, cost of living and more.

Overall we’re talking about what it’s like to live in each of the Best Places to live in the Carolinas from the perspective of $$$ money!

So far we’ve explored:

This week we’ve landed in one of the most popular SC Coast best place to live along the South Carolina Grand Strand.

Today we’re in SC Coast best place to live of Myrtle Beach.

Even if you’ve never been to Coastal Myrtle Beach SC I know you’ve heard about it.  One of the most popular beach destinations along the southeastern coast.

People come from many states to vacation in Coastal SC and Myrtle Beach and interestingly enough, it is also one of the most popular places for locals as well.  And by locals I mean South Carolina and North Carolina.

As with most all Coastal SC best places to live cities and towns, Myrtle Beach SC is a primary destination for relocation and retirement.

We’ve talked before about all there is to do in Myrtle Beach but as I said, today we’re going to dedicate to drilling down and talking about a main concern for all of us.

Coastal South Carolina Best Places To Live GuideCoastal SC Best Places To Live Guide

Start Your Life In Coastal SC In The Right Place

Can I afford to live in SC Coast best place to live of Myrtle Beach?

The city ranked well on the Forbes Annual Best Places For Business and Careers report for 2013.

First, let’s consider the overall ranking of the Myrtle Beach area. You may know a bit about Myrtle Beach SC.  As you can imagine, it is a tourism-heavy town.

Located right on the South Carolina coast. Home to beautiful beaches and has fabulous weather.   Myrtle Beach SC is the golf capital of the country (okay, we mentioned golf anyway!) It is a strong economic focal point in the South Carolina Coastal region.

On the Annual list, the city ranked #139 overall.

Remember 200 big cities and 200 small cities were ranked throughout the U.S..

This is a very good ranking because it shows the versatility of the city as a whole. Yet, the overall ranking does not provide many clues as to why you may want choose Myrtle Beach SC as your best place to live.

Let’s take a closer look.

Even though Myrtle Beach is a tourism heavy city, the cost of living here is affordable. But remember I say that and it’s all relative to what you are used to as affordable.

Nevertheless there are places surrounding Myrtle Beach proper just a short drive from the beach front property that is affordable by anyone’s standards.  We’ll talk about that more next week.

So you can see why if you love the beach and you want to live along the South Carolina coastline, this SC Coast best place to live is popular for families and retirees to relocate.

Some really good news is for the cost of doing business Myrtle Beach was ranked #72 out of 200!  I’d say that’s a pretty encouraging ranking for anyone looking to relocate to South Carolina and wants to start their own business.   Remember this is nationwide.

One reason for excellent ranking is that the cost of living is 2.5% below the national average. That’s very impressive for a city with a tourism base as large as this one. The median household income here is $143,200, too, which is significantly higher than many areas in North Carolina and South Carolina.

Impressive for sure right?

Another area the Annual List looked at was the city’s job growth. This area of the South Carolina Grand Strand is a powerful economic force overall. However, unlike many areas, it has had some job growth recently. The job growth for 2012 stood at 2.3 percent.

Unemployment in Coastal Myrtle Beach SC is still significantly below many towns nearby. The major industry present here is tourism. In fact, some 14 million people visit the Myrtle Beach – Grand Strand Beaches each year.

They come for the extensive beaches, the subtropical weather, the motorcycle rallies, and the year round golf. All of this contributes to why Myrtle Beach at #175 in Job Growth.

Also an important factor in the report as well as for economic growth was the educational accessibility.  For that, Myrtle Beach SC ranked #144.

The level of college attainment present in Coastal Myrtle Beach SC.   The city is home to

  • Cathedral Bible College
  • Horry Georgetown Technical College
  • Coastal Carolina University
  • Golf Academy of American
  • ITT Technical Institute
  • Miller Motte Technical College
  • Webster University

Many of the people calling the Coastal Myrtle Beach SC area home do so because of the extensive educational system present.

The city of Myrtle Beach SC ranks well on the Forbes list for many reasons. And they are not alone.  Why else would more than 14 million people a year come to visit and a metro population of 283,100 people call it home?

There’s no doubt this area is an important component to the overall success of both South Carolina and North Carolina.

Though Myrtle Beach is a city focused on tourism it doesn’t rely on that alone.  It is also a strong manufacturing location focusing on plastics, rubber, foam, and cardboard specifically.

Add to all this the numerous attractions nearby, including 250 golf courses, US Myrtle Beach State Park, the Carolina Opry, and the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk and more and you have plenty of reasons to call Myrtle Beach SC home.

Could Coastal Myrtle Beach SC be your SC Coast Best Place To Live?

Gotta run!!

Until next week…make it great.

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