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Biotechnology Hub Kannapolis NC Best Places To Live


Piedmont North Carolina Best Places To LiveThe NC best places to live city of Kannapolis is located only 25 miles northeast of another Piedmont NC best places to live city.  Charlotte NC.

Kannapolis has benefited greatly from being situated on the rapidly growing I-85 corridor.

Last week we began our new jaunt to the North Carolina and South Carolina best places to live.

We are exploring the best places to relocate or retire that have populations between 30,000 and 50,000 people.

One of the benefits of looking at cities and towns with a bit larger population is that it allows us to look at the best places to live in the Carolinas that fall within larger metropolitan areas.

You know, the best places that were once just small towns.  That have grown because of their close proximity to rapidly expanding urban areas.

Speaking to those of you leery of big cities…

If you’re dead set on finding your North Carolina or South Carolina best places to live in a smaller town or city…don’t overlook these!  These types of NC and SC best places to live in my book offer the best of both worlds.

What do I mean by that?

Well, think of it this way.  Smaller towns not far from larger metropolitan areas allow you to enjoy the benefits of small town life.  Benefits like a greater sense of community and lower cost of living.

While all the services and amenities of the big city like shopping, restaurants, hospitals, colleges/universities, airports and so on.

And…they are only a short drive away!

Having said all that, let’s get going.

Today’s NC best places to live city with a population of 30,000 to 50,000 is a prime example of the type of place I was just talking about.

Piedmont North Carolina Best Places To LiveKannapolis NC, population 42,625.

NASCAR racing fans might know this NC best places to live as home to the Earnhardt racing clan.

But for much of its history Kannapolis was better known for the cotton textiles it produced.

In fact, Kannapolis NC was created to house the workers employed in the giant cotton mills and textile factories built by the Cannon family in the early 1900’s.

Much of the genuine small town appeal of this NC best places to live small city comes from its planned “model mill town” history.  This includes close knit neighborhoods, a classic downtown and the quaint old craftsman style homes.  Homes that are still inhabited today.

Piedmont North Carolina Best Places To Live GuidePiedmont North Carolina Best Places To Live Guide

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The last textile factory in Kannapolis NC closed in 2003.  But textiles were quickly replaced.

Biotechnology, medical and agricultural research became the norm.  When the North Carolina Research Campus (NCRC) opened up on the sites of the old factories only a couple years later.

The NCRC is a public-private collaboration between the Dole Foods corporation and several North Carolina Universities.  Including Duke and UNC Chapel Hill.

Piedmont North Carolina Best Places To LiveThis collaboration has brought new businesses and people from all over the world to this NC best places to live city.

Moreover, Kannapolis NC has made the most of its new found growth.

With careful planning and strategic investments in the kinds of things that provide a higher quality of life including:

  • New library
  • YMCA
  • Parks and green spaces
  • Business parks
  • Senior center
  • local minor league baseball team, the Kannapolis Intimidators

As you can see Kannapolis NC has a lot of things going for it.  From its small town atmosphere to its diverse, forward looking economic base.  And best of all it’s a very affordable NC best places to live small city.

In fact, Kannapolis NC is one of several smaller cities in the Charlotte NC metropolitan area.  Which is why it has attracted people and businesses.  Because of their reputation as a quieter, low cost alternative to Charlotte.

The age of the local housing stock is around 37 years old suggesting more recent housing development.

Single family homes with at least three bedrooms are the most common form of housing on the market. But townhomes, manufactured housing, multifamily homes, farmland and land to build on are all available in the area.

Piedmont North Carolina Best Places To LiveFor those of you not interested in buying you’ll find that roughly one-third of Kannapolis residents are renters.

With single family homes, townhomes and apartments the most common rental opportunities.

In my book this NC best places to live small city has something for everyone. From a high quality of life, low cost of living, good paying jobs, great schools and a very strong sense of community and small town values.

Younger families will be happy that Kannapolis NC schools are some of the best in North Carolina.  And roughly 90% of those who go through the school system attend college.

As mentioned earlier, the residents of this NC best places to live city have access to all the services and amenities of nearby Charlotte.  As well as some fantastic outdoor recreational opportunities in nearby parks and lakes, including beautiful Lake Norman.

Worth considering ???!!!

Come back next week when we continue to move across the southern Piedmont North Carolina region exploring the Best Places To live!

See You next week!

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