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Best Places To Live In North Carolina Near Water


Piedmont North Carolina Best Places To LiveHey there! Back by popular demand, today I ‘ll be talking about the Piedmont best places to live in North Carolina.

The best cities and small towns near Lake Norman.

Lake Norman is the largest man-made body of water in North Carolina.

Cool, right?

If you’re really into fishing, Lake Norman has two bank fishing areas and eight public boating access areas.

Lake Norman also hosts the International Jet Sport Boats Association.  Along with sailboat racing throughout the year.  It even offers it’s own camp for students.

Lake Norman is a great place to visit, but what about the best places to live in North Carolina nearby?

  • The big city of Charlotte NC (aka: The Queen City) has grown substantially over the years. And recently, Charlotte climbed to the top five Piedmont North Carolina best places to live.  So it would come as no surprise that there would be a variety, as well as a plethora, of job opportunities.Piedmont North Carolina Best Places To Live

Charlotte also has a great campus life.  With almost 100,00 students between two of it’s major universities.

The University of North Carolina doesn’t offer senior specific classes however, it does offer classes for business related pursuits.  Pursuits such as web design, business analysis, and event planning, among other things.

Could the big city life of Charlotte be on your list of best places to live in North Carolina?   It really is a great place to live whether you are looking to retire or relocate your family.

  • Statesville NC can really take you back!  This North Carolina best places to live is filled with old Victorian homes.  As well as dogwood and magnolia trees. If you head to downtown Statesville, there is a very well-preserved historic district.

Statesville Best Places To Live In North Carolina To Relocate Or Retire Lining the streets are picturesque little shops, nice restaurants, and on any given day there may be a farmers market.

Charlotte, the beaming metropolis, is only about a forty-five minute drive from Statesville.

Statesville has a population of 24,000 people and is only twenty miles from Lake Norman!

It has also secured more business facility and expansion projects than any area in the United States for the last eight out of ten years.

You heard me right. That makes it not only one of my best places to live in North Carolina but #1 in the entire country!

  • Sherrills Ford NC had only 1,026 people in it’s small town as of 2007 stats. Unfortunately there are no more up-to-date population figures.  Needless to say it is a small town.

Piedmont North Carolina Best Places To Live GuidePiedmont Best Places To Live In North Carolina Guide

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But don’t let it’s size deceive you!   There are also a variety of museums and historical galleries just within miles of your home.

And you only have to go 12 miles from your house to get to Lake Norman and that is good news!

Sherrills Ford receives quite a bit of precipitation each year, but very little snow, and stays within average temperature throughout the year.

I think it is safe to say this is a growing North Carolina small town!

  • Denver NC (aka: Dry Pond) has a long history!  Do you know the origin of the nickname “Dry Pond?”  Well, the community of “Dry Pond” got the nickname from a small pond that would completely dry up in the heat of the summer.

About 13,000 people call this North Carolina best places to live home.  And it is only about twenty miles from Lake Norman. Denver holds festivals including the Strawberry Festival in May (who doesn’t LOVE strawberries???) And the Denver Days every September.

There are also Farmers’ markets held on Saturdays from April to September. There are lots of things to get involved in for people of any age! If you want to live near a lake and love small towns this could be on your list of best places to live in North Carolina.

  • Troutman NC is a quaint little town just 4.5 miles from Lake Norman. It’s population is only 2,500 people and it has that small town charm.

The median age is 38, and there are a multitude of job opportunities and entertainment within the small town as well as outside of it. Troutman holds a variety of local events to keep communities tight and bring life and energy to the town.

The Troutman ESC Park holds many events such as golf tournaments, sprints, and nature trail walks. One of their biggest town celebrations is their Independence Parade and fireworks.

  • Terrell NC, is located about 15 miles from Lake Norman. It’s biggest attraction, besides it’s minuscule population, is Murray’s Mill Historic District.

Murray’s Mill Historic District tells life as it was around the early 19th century. It features historic buildings, like a mill, general store, and wheat house, as well as antique items. The wheat house showcases exhibits of work by local artists. While Terrell is all about the small town life, it’s still only a few miles from large cities.

  • Long on my list of best places to live in North Carolina, the very fast growing city of Cornelius has seen it’s population size go from 12,000 people to almost 27,000 in just fourteen years.

Cornelius has about 70 miles of Lake Norman’s shoreline! Talk about close by!

Some of the biggest employers are the school district and the YMCA.  Making this a great place for kids and a great place to be employed if you’re interested in being a teacher.

Cornelius even hosts a Senior Fun and Fitness Day for people over 65 looking to get active as well as have a great time! They host a variety of festivals throughout the year and a lot of community service opportunities!

What a fun place to live!

  • Have you ever heard of a town with a mission statement? Then you have never  been to the next town on my list of best places to live in North Carolina.

Davidson is a town that has long been committed to controlling its own destiny… Our town’s sense of community is rooted in citizens who respect each other; in racial and socioeconomic diversity; in pedestrian orientation; and in the presence of a liberal arts college. We believe our history and setting guide our future.” Pretty wild, right?

Davidson is all about community! They have no drive-thru places, and the streets are built for pedestrians and bike riders. Davidson is  located right along Lake Norman, so not such bad travel time! Doesn’t this seem like a pleasant place to live?

If a small town is calling you, put Davidson on your list of best places to live in North Carolina.

  • Huntersville is another best place nestled within the Lake Norman shore. Still considered a town, Huntersville is a larger town with a population of about 49,000 people.  And a plethora of things to do!

Huntersville Family Fitness and Aquatics has an Olympic pool as well as a variety of water aerobic classes, a full gym, and basketball court. The Parks and Recreation Department has 18 parks all for your enjoyment!

Latta Plantation also has a number of historic sites, nature preserves, hiking and horseback riding trails, and canoeing. Sounds like fun for a whole family!

People of all ages can enjoy the activities Huntersville can provide. Huntersville is primarily a town of commuters, as it has direct access to the downtown business area of Charlotte.

So, if you’re okay with commuting to work every day, you won’t be alone, and you’ll certainly have lots to do!

Wow we sure have covered a lot, haven’t we?

There are so many best places to live in North Carolina that are so close to Lake Norman!  I hope you’ve found one you really love and go check it out!

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