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SC Coastal Best Places To Live Summerville North Charleston


Coastal South Carolina Best Places To LiveYou’ve got to admit the SC Coastal best places to live beach communities of Charleston Seabrook Island and Kiawah Island were amazing last week.

Actually all the SC Coastal Best Places to live in the Charleston metro area we’ve been visiting are unique and amazing unto themselves.

Mt Pleasant SC and it’s classic small town feel and the laid back community of Sullivan’s Island SC.

And don’t forget about the bedroom community of Isle of Palms SC or the planned community of Wild Dunes.


And what did you think about Folly Beach and West Ashley?

Any possible SC Coastal Best Places To Live for You?

This week we close the circle we’ve made around Charleston SC visiting the SC Coastal Best Places To Live along the South Carolina beaches.  So far we’ve looked at everything from small beach communities to the southern suburban parts of Charleston.

Today we move inland away from the immediate coast to one of the SC Coastal Best Places To Live in the Charleston area’s fastest growing communities.

Still just minutes from the beaches, we’re in the city of North Charleston SC.

Coastal South Carolina Best Places To Live GuideCoastal South Carolina Best Places Guide

Start Your Life In Coastal SC In The Right Place

And yes, North Charleston is on the north side of Charleston SC.  Don’t laugh!!!

But I bet you didn’t know that it’s the third largest city in the state of South Carolina!

In fact, in it’s growth, North Charleston has spread across the three large neighboring counties in this area;

  • Charleston
  • Dorchester
  • Berkeley

In actuality North Charleston only became an incorporated city in 1972 but it had long been designated by local businessmen and politicians as the place for economic development.

And it was a prime location for industrial manufacturing, military installations and commercial development giving the city a very diverse economic base compared to other local communities which is serving it well today.

For example, if you heard about Boeing moving production of its 787 airliner to the Charleston area, just know that plant is located in North Charleston, SC.   It’s not that it is located just north of Charleston.

That’s why when I hear North Charleston SC, I hear the word “JOBS” loud and clear!

Needless to say, North Charleston SC enjoys all the services and amenities you’d expect to find in a large city like:

  • shopping centers
  • restaurants
  • well developed transportation infrastructure
  • large convention centers
  • performing arts theaters
  • professional sports teams
  • parks
  • green spaces

You name it and what it doesn’t have you can find a few miles down the road in Charleston proper.

Throw in a beautiful climate, a lot of low country charm and a median home value of around $150,000 and what’s not to like about North Charleston, South Carolina?

Second on our list of SC Coastal best places to live is only 20 minutes north of North Charleston on I-26. A longtime bedroom community for Charleston that has come into its own.

Maintaining the essence of small town living is the city of Summerville SC.

Summerville is often referred to as the “Flowertown in the Pines” due to its pine forest surroundings and the proliferation of beautiful azalea gardens throughout the city. And the gardens are beautiful.

The pace of life in SC Coastal Summerville is relaxed and slower than Charleston SC.  You’ll find a lot of down home Southern charm but what I really respect is the genuine community pride.  The residents of Summerville SC really look out for their neighbors.

For instance, at one point downtown Summerville SC was dying as businesses moved out to the malls on the edge of town.

Instead of watching that decline happen residents got together and formed a non-profit to revitalize the downtown.

Their efforts are a big part of why downtown Summerville SC is now a vibrant inviting place to be.  Now downtown Summerville has art galleries, antique shops, wonderful restaurants. It has it’s own theater troupe, a kickin’ farmers market and hundreds of buildings listed on the National Historic Register.

In terms of outdoor recreation, you’re literally only minutes away from some of the best beaches on the East Coast and close to a variety of national and state parks.

There is a lot of potential for future growth and real estate appreciation and you have to at least keep Summerville SC in mind as your looking for your SC Coastal best places to live to relocate or retire.

Well, its time to leave the SC Coastal best places to live of Summerville And North Charleston SC .

Hope you’ve enjoyed our journey and I’ll see you next week in…

Well, I’ll have to see where we land next.

But as always it might just be Your Carolina best places to live.

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