Real estate expert with over 35 years experience finding Best Places at affordable prices now reveals his insider secrets...

Discover The Best Places To Live In North Carolina and South Carolina Where the Housing Is Still Affordable, the Cost of Living Is Low, the Climate Is Mild, the People Are Friendly, and the Scenery Is Beautiful!

Find out how my 35-year professional career locating hidden, undervalued properties gives you a serious advantage as you look for your Best Places to Live in North Carolina or South Carolina...

Dear Friend,

If you're looking for the best places to live in North Carolina or South Carolina that are still affordable, then I have exciting news for you!

North Carolina and South Carolina Best Places To Live ExpertHere's why...

My name is Bob Bencivenga (that's me over there in the picture).

For over thirty five years, I've worked as a "real estate site locator and location analyst".

That's a fancy term that simply means I find properties in areas that are poised for future growth.

I specialize in finding these Best Places before everyone else finds out about them. Which means you get a real deal and more for your money.

I realized early on in my career if you buy property just a little sooner than everyone else, you get much more value for your money -- today and in the future.

The secret is: You have to anticipate the economic growth of an area rather than follow it after it's already becomes popular.

But you must know what to look for!

After years spent refining my search and acquisition system, I developed a 7-Step Process. This process allows me to identify top economic growth areas before everyone else finds out about them.

"Why Is This
Important To You?"

Well, I now use the exact same process to locate the North Carolina and South Carolina best places to live.

North Carolina and South Carolina best places where housing is still affordable and the cost of living is low. Places where the climate is mild, the people are friendly, and the scenery is beautiful.

But I don't stop there.

I know you also want lots of cultural activities, a variety of places to shop, fine restaurants and good medical care.

That's why each year I re-evaluate dozens of areas to make sure they continue to measure up when it comes to a high quality lifestyle and an extremely promising future.

I call them "Places of Value".

If you're considering retiring or relocating to North Carolina or South Carolina -- but don't know where to turn to find detailed, unbiased information on property values, quality of life, schools and infrastructure...

Then you're about to finally discover...

How To Live In The Carolina Best, High Quality Places
For Thousands of Dollars LESS Than Everyone
Else Is Going To Pay

It sounds simple enough. Get there before everyone else does!

But how do you know where "there" is?

Let me make it easy.

I've already researched over 100 areas in North Carolina and South Carolina. Places that are growing and appreciating in value, while still maintaining the southern charm that makes them so desirable in the first place.

I've discovered incredible places you can buy now and get a lot more for your money -- BEFORE everyone else finds out about them and they become much more difficult to afford.

I found some of the Carolina best places where you can live affordably on crystal clear private lakes and at the ocean. I found them in the mountains with incredible views and sunsets, and on designer golf courses!

I even found best places right outside vibrant North Carolina and South Carolina cities. And in many charming small towns with wide boulevards, beautiful green spaces, and quaint Main Streets.

I guarantee one of these handpicked places will be perfect for your Best Place to Live in the Carolinas.

But you won't find them on the "Top Ten Best Places" lists you see in the magazines - at least not yet!

And that's a good thing. Because once they become popular, the affordable best places to live in the Carolinas get snapped up quickly.

How To Get A $240,000 House For Only $160,000... Or
$25,000 Worth Of Land For Only $10,000

North Carolina and South Carolina Best Places To Live

Five years ago, my friends said I was crazy when I told them I was going to Asheville NC.

Now they don't think I was so crazy because the same land I priced at $8,000 to $10,000 per acre is now $20,000 to $30,000 per acre.

The house that was $160,000 is now $240,000.

They said the same thing when I went to New Bern and Pamlico NC which are located about 20 minutes from each other.

At that time, the road connecting them was one lane in each direction. There was one traffic light in the whole county.

You could count the number of good restaurants on one hand and still have fingers left over.

Best Places To Live In North Carolina and South Carolina

Using the same process I've used over and over again to uncover "Places of Value", I realized this area was ready to explode.

Then, an 18 acre piece of property right on the water was $430,000. Now, if you could even find it, it would be over $1,000,000!

In 2002, I went to Marion NC and negotiated to buy a 70 acre property with a pristine 10 acre lake, and a beautiful farmhouse in good condition, for $525,000.

Last year I went back and looked at a property that was 65 acres, with no house and no lake, and the price was $600,000.

Places like this still exist today... if you know where to look!

Regardless of the state of the real estate market, getting there before everyone else, before you're reading about the Carolina best places to live in all the magazines, really helps you get more for your money. This is truer now than it has been at any time in my career.

"In the next 20 years, 50 million people will move south of an imaginary line which runs from the top of North Carolina west to Santa Barbara, California."
American Demographics Magazine

The Number One Secret For Getting The Type Of Property You Want, At A Price That's Affordable

The most important thing in finding your Best Places to live in North Carolina or South Carolina is getting market knowledge from a reliable, unbiased, experienced insider!

You must know what's going on in different areas of NC and SC to find your Best Places to live that will have economic growth, and fit exactly what you're looking for.

Finding unbiased, thorough, accurate information is not easy and takes a lot of time and legwork.

Yes, there's plenty of pictures and listings of real estate on the internet, but all that "information" is published by real estate brokers whose main goal is to sell you whatever they can, to make a commission.

You could contact the local Chamber of Commerce, but you're likely to speak to a part-time worker or volunteer who knows very little about the area. Their goal is to get you to settle there, regardless of whether the area fits what you want or not.

Another thing you may not know is that a lot of the information you read about the "Best Places to Retire" is published by magazine publishers, and not by real estate location experts who know what to look for and what to watch out for in picking places that will have economic growth.

As a real estate location expert with over 35 years of success in picking top growth locations, I'm not here to showcase a particular town or tell you who has the best barbecue,(though in my research, I have found some amazing places to find real "Carolina-Style" pulled pork, with all the fixings).

I'm here to make sure you get the most value for your money and help you find your Best Place to live in North Carolina or South Carolina, while properties are still affordable and before everyone else finds out about them.

I don't get paid by selling ads, publishing magazines, or collecting commissions. I don't have a vested interest in getting you to settle in a certain town or community.

And I don't ask football stars, entertainers, or pro-golfers to tell you to buy your Best Place in their community just because they've been paid to say so.

It's obvious none of them have spent a moment considering if what they're selling fits what's important to you, or if it's a good value for you.  After all, you deserve "places of value" that fit your dreams and resources, not places that people recommend just to make a dollar.

"I saved a lot of time, money and aggravation by listening to your advice. And found the place of my dreams"
Denis Bisesti

"A must have for anyone planning a move to the Carolinas. I wouldn't have found these places or knew they had so much to offer."
Gary Curto

"I don't know how you find them, but Columbus should have had you along."
Steve Sanders

"I haven't read about these places anywhere else. I've visited several of them, and they're truly gems."
Don Newsholme

"This guide is definitely a road map to the best places in North Carolina and South Carolina. I've visited several of them and they're unbelievable. I'm going there before everyone else reads this."
Marsha West

Here's How I Guarantee You Find Your
Best Places to Live In North Carolina or South Carolina

I continuously research and analyze mountains of information, visiting area after area -- looking in every nook-and-cranny in North Carolina and South Carolina to select towns that are affordable with high quality lifestyles and a high potential for future economic growth and value.

I use the same process I've used successfully for the last 35 years to pick top growth locations. It took me hundreds of hours and cost ten-of-thousands of dollars to put all this together for you. But I've gone to these extremes to provide you with the most thorough, unbiased, accurate information possible.

I've handpicked over 100 Best Places in North Carolina and South Carolina to help you get there before everyone else.

And I share everything I've found with you in...

The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your
Best Places to Live In The Carolinas

Ultimate Guide To Finding The Best Places To Live In North Carolina and South Carolina

In this guide, you'll discover everything you need to know about what's important to you when picking your Carolina Best Places to Live.

You'll learn about the cost of living, economic growth, affordable housing, climate, jobs, taxes, good medical care, low crime rate, jobs, cultural events, schools, local attractions, recreational activities, and much more.

I cover everything you need to know about working, living or retiring in North Carolina and South Carolina.

And I've made sure to include affordable places.

I even tell you what I don't like about each place, as well as what to look for and what to watch out for.

It's as if you traveled to each one, and spent weeks interviewing businesses, city officials and residents about what they love and what they'd like to change in their cities and towns... All from the comfort of your home!

Also included is my "44 Lifestyle Qualities Relocation Checklist™ " which allows you to simply, easily and quickly find out what's really important to you in picking a new place or community. Once you've completed my in-depth checklist, you won't have any doubts about what your Best Places to live must include.

Plus you get my Special Report, "21 Things To Watch Out For In Finding Your Best Places to Live" chock-full of all the things no one tells you about.

But I Don't Stop There...

I went to great lengths and spent hours poring over the reports to hand-pick the communities that meet my strict standards for quality of living, potential property value appreciation and a great lifestyle.

But I also know that choosing a place to live -- whether year round or as a seasonal getaway -- is an intensely personal choice. And if you're bringing your spouse and family along, it gets much more complicated.

Not to mention North Carolina and South Carolina offer an almost endless selection of geography, climate and cultural choices: Beaches or Mountains? Rural life or gated community on the golf course? College town or country cabin? It's all there!

And there are distinct differences between North and South Carolina, too. North Carolina is a larger and geographically more diverse state. The people differ somewhat by region also... so does the barbecue!

South Carolina is smaller and more unified, but it also contains much variety.

Knowing this, I decided to do all I could to load you up with every possible bit of information you need to make the best choice for you! So here's what I came up with.

You Get the Complete Community Directories For
Both North Carolina AND South Carolina...

North Carolina
Communities Directory

North Carolina Best Planned Communities Directory From the breathtaking mountains of Western North Carolina, the vibrant NC Piedmont cities of Raleigh-Durham and Chapel Hill, to the historic seashore towns of Kitty Hawk and Cape Hatteras.

Over 180 communities
in North Carolina!

South Carolina
Communities Directory

South Carolina Best Planned Communities Directory Includes every geographical, urban and rural area in South Carolina, including historic Charleston, golfing paradises like Myrtle Beach, and the Greenville-Spartanburg Commerce Corridor.

Over 120 communities
in South Carolina!

I contacted over 300 communities -- including 180 in North Carolina and 120 in South Carolina.

Each community was interviewed to get the most accurate, up-to-date information, using my "50 Point Survey" to uncover everything you need to know when considering a planned community.

You won't find more thorough and complete information anywhere. I even list every amenity possible and whether each community has them or not.

Many of these communities have their own sales staff and aren't even listed with Realtors, giving you the added advantage of knowing about them first. Some are not even built yet! This gives you a definite pricing advantage, and allows you the flexibility of getting exactly what you want in your Dream Home.

You'll discover which communities offer special weekend visitation packages... giving you substantial discounts on hotel accommodations when you visit the community. Some communities even provide your meals.

You'll also discover which communities offer special discounted prices if you buy before they start construction, which can easily save you $10,000 on the price of your Dream Home!

You also get my Community Cost of Living Comparison Tool™ which allows you to compare communities’ side-by-side to decide which ones are best for you. This is a powerful tool you won't find anywhere else.

When speaking to several Planned Community Managers, I was able to get the inside dirt on certain things you must ask about when you're considering a planned community, so I put all that I found out in my Special Report, "28 Things You Must Know When Choosing A Planned Community".

Plus, each guide has a Special Resource Section that reveals everything you need to know to successfully and easily relocate to your best place to live in North Carolina or South Carolina. And...

You'll Also Discover...

  • The one question you must ask Realtors that can save you thousands of dollars. They'll try to dodge your questions until they see how well-prepared you are.
  • Which towns are cheaper to live in and which will cost you more... and how to uncover the hidden costs of living you can't calculate from a tax table.
  • How to save at least $5,000 on your building plans.
  • The 2 best times to buy your Dream Home in a planned community to get the lowest possible sale price... above and over the advertised deals developers like to brag about.
  • 21 things to watch out for in finding your Best Places to Live to save you heartache and eliminate buyer's remorse.
  • 28 things you must know when choosing a planned community.
  • The hidden fees and charges in every planned community almost no one tells you about.
  • How to pick a place that's perfect for you and make sure you're satisfying your dreams
  • The one thing you must know if you buy your Dream Home in a planned community... before it's finished.
  • Where the best places are to find jobs... and which cities actively support older workers
  • How to make sure the town you pick for your Best Place to Live isn't about to change in a way that negatively affects your property's value.
  • The 3 things Realtors can't tell you, but I can... and will.
  • How to find the areas with the best medical care... even in towns with populations under 10,000, if you know what to look for.
  • The biggest mistake everyone makes when they buy their Dream Home.
  • How to find out the crime rate in the area before you buy, and which crimes happen most frequently. A matter of a few blocks can make all the difference to your long-term peace of mind.
  • What type of agreement not to sign with a Realtor.

How To Find Your Best Places To Live In North Carolina and South Carolina
In Just 3 Easy Steps

By using the "45 Lifestyle Qualities Checklist", you'll know exactly what's important to you in choosing your Best Places to Live.

Based on what's important to you, you'll be able to choose from over 100 handpicked "Places of Value" described in detail in "The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Best Places to Live in the Carolinas".

Once you pick your place, "The Community Directories" give you over 300 planned communities to choose from and everything you need to know to decide which one is perfect for you.

It's that simple... 3 Easy Steps!... saving you time, money and potential disappointment from listening to folks who may not have your best interests in mind when they sell you on the virtues of their town or development.

"After years of searching, Bob pointed me to a place that was perfect, and kept me from making a big mistake"
Tony Raimondo

"This Guide helped me realize exactly what was really important to me in finding my Best Place and a community that would fit my needs."
Tara Lieto

Plus, You Also Get These
3 FREE Special Bonuses...


"50 Places in North and South Carolina Where You Can Still Buy A Home In A High Quality Neighborhood for Under $150,000"

50 Best Places To Live In North Carolina and South Carolina

This is something I've never shared before! There are some amazing values in this report, but I'm limiting distribution of this information, because I'm extremely sensitive to the way publicity affects pricing. I don't want to bring unnecessary attention to these hidden gems and drive their prices up.

If you've toyed with the idea of relocating to the Carolinas -- but hesitated because you were cautious about your ability to afford a great home -- you'll discover fifty places in North Carolina and South Carolina where you can still buy a good house in a high quality neighborhood for under $150,000!

Here's something else I know you're going to love...


My Private Password Protected
Website ($120 value)

The North Carolina and South Carolina Best Places To Live Secrets

On this site you'll discover all the most recent best places to live and planned communities in North Carolina and South Carolina before they get listed on anyone else's top ten lists. You'll be the first to know about them!

It's all organized by geographical area. So, if you're looking for your best places to live only in coastal areas, this makes it super fast and easy to find. If you're interested in finding a particular community, all communities are listed here by the town they're in and by geographical area.

You also get access to a listing of all the lake communities and golf communities, because those are popular attractions for people today. It's super easy for you to find exactly what you want.

And... I constantly update this site with new communities, so you can take advantage of substantial savings offered by many developers if you buy before they start construction. Included are communities that aren't even listed with real estate agents.


"The Carolina Report" FREE Weekly Updates
($89 value)

The Carolina Report ~ North Carolina and South Carolina Best Places

You also get a FREE subscription to my Weekly Newsletter, "The Carolina Report".

As I visit and research areas, I report back to you regarding real estate values, lifestyle, cost of living, and new communities. I've established a network that gives me extremely valuable, exclusive feedback on different communities in the Carolinas.

You'll discover information you'll never hear by listening to real estate agents or official Chamber of Commerce representatives, but I'll share this information with you. I'll tell you the good, the bad and the ugly about any town you're interested in.

You'll also get insider information from communities regarding price reductions and special offers which can save you a bundle. Each month, I review newspapers, trade journals, government reports, newsletters, magazines, business journals, and paid website subscriptions to find out what's going on in NC and SC.

And I report it all to you -- breaking the mountain of data down into an easy to understand format which saves you time and money and dramatically cuts your uncertainty. I'm constantly finding new bestbplaces that aren't on anyone's radar screen or in the media yet!

All The Information You Need To Find Your
Ideal Carolina Property!

"The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Best Places To Live In The Carolinas" and "The Community Directories" is put together from information I've gathered sifting through mountains of reports, interviews, assessments and appraisals. For most folks, this would be an overwhelming task. But I've been doing this for awhile.

And that doesn't take into account the fact that I've spent the better part of the last 30 years developing a system to make sense of all that information.

What's more, I've tested my recommendations on my friends and family first! They want to make sure they get their properties in the right places at the right price, so their investments stand the best possible chance of earning handsome returns.

I'm offering this information to you, so you can find an affordable Best Place in North Carolina or South Carolina, before everyone else finds out about these places. Whether you're looking for investment property or you're realizing your dream of relocating or retiring, this is information you can't afford to be without!

Here's One More FREE Gift For You

(A $100 value)

FREE 15-Minute One-on-One Personal Consultation
For The First 50 People Who Order

For the first 50 people who order "The Ultimate Guide" including "The North and South Carolina Community Directories", I'll email you my private number and consult with you personally to help you find your Best Places to Live in the Carolinas!

As a professional location expert for over 35 years, I've made major corporations millions of dollars by selecting top growth locations for them. Now I'll share those secrets with you.

I'll answer any questions you have and will tell you exactly where to find those special, best places that have great quality lifestyles, but are still affordable!

Find Your Best Places to Live in North Carolina or South Carolina Now AND
Save Hundreds or Thousands of Dollars

When you retire or relocate to North Carolina or South Carolina, even just one of the dozens of insider tips and strategies you'll discover in these guides could easily save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

In fact, I guarantee it!

You could save at least $5,000 on your building plans, or $10,000 or more off the price of your dream home.

At the very least, just the tips and techniques for getting special weekend visitation packages, free meals, and whopping discounts on your hotel accomodations alone could save you hundreds of dollars.

That's why The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Best Places to Live In The Carolinas, the North Carolina Communities Directory, the South Carolina Communities Directory, all 3 FREE bonuses, and the FREE one-on-one consultation are such a bargain at just ...


After all, that's a lot less than buying a new video game for your kids or grandkids, and I guarantee you'll save hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Plus, the best part is you can be reading your Carolina Guides in just a few minutes from now, without having to wait for the mailman to show up, and without paying a single dime for shipping or postage!

You see, the Carolina Guide and Directories are downloadable E-Books. E-book is short for "electronic book".

Yes, I'm a hard cover book lover myself however, with the busy pace of everyone these days and more and more of us wanting to be able to take the information with us on our computer or other handheld devices; and the rising costs of printing and how it effects the environment, I had to stop producing any hard cover Guides and Directories.

Due to the size of the Ultimate Guide (over 500 pages) and the Directories the cost would have been $149.00!

I know you'll value the ease with which you can use the information and have the added convenience of being able to print only that information you may want in printed form.

All Guides are downloaded to your computer without any need for further internet access.

You can begin reading your Guides, Directories and Bonuses Today!

A couple of quick, easy clicks of your mouse and they download directly onto your computer.

As soon as you place your secure order you'll receive the download information. No more internet connection necessary. The Guides can go with you wherever you go. No more heavy books to carry.

And one of the best parts is that you will have them TODAY! No shipping to pay for... No postman to wait for... You will have the guides in a matter of minutes!

And don't worry; you don't have to be a computer whiz to download the guides and bonuses.

You can download onto any computer (PC or MAC) anywhere in the world... even if it's an old clunker you got years ago.

In fact, if you were able to get to this website, then you'll have an easy time downloading and reading the Guides.

You can read them on your computer screen or print them out, (or both!)... whatever you prefer! It's your choice.

Plus, you also get...

Your 30 Day No-Risk 100% Moneyback Guarantee

North Carolina and South Carolina Best Places To Live Expert"MY PROMISE TO YOU"

North Carolina and South Carolina Best Places To Live Expert Use "The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Best Places to Live in the Carolinas" and "The Community Directories".

If they don't save you at least 5 times the purchase price, I'll rush you a full refund within 24 hours... no questions asked! You Risk Nothing!

Remember, when you buy your "The Ultimate Guide" and "The North Carolina and South Carolina Community Directories, you receive them instantly."

Within minutes, you receive an email with the password to my private website, and I'll sign you up for my weekly Newsletter, so you don't miss any of my personal advice.

Also, if you are one of the first 50 people, I'll immediately email you my private phone number for your personal consultation!

All this and You Risk Nothing With My Money Back Guarantee.

Get your Guide and Directories Today, so you can find your best places to live in North Carolina and South Carolina before everyone else does.

With my personal help, you'll find your Best Places to Live in the Carolinas, and save a ton of money doing it!

Ultimate Guide To Finding The Best Places To Live In North Carolina And South Carolina

See You in the Carolinas,

Relocation Expert Shares Best Places To Live In North Carolina and South Carolina
Bob Bencivenga
phone: 845-803-4407

P.S.  When you get "The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Best Places to Live in the Carolinas" and "The Community Directories," make sure you use my special "45 Lifestyle Qualities Relocation Checklist."

It's indispensable for helping you find out what's really important to you in picking your Best Places to Live. Then get out the "Community Cost of Living Comparison Tool™ which lets you compare communities’ side-by-side, so you'll know which one is perfect for you.

P.P.S. If you're serious about moving to North Carolina or South Carolina, but you've hesitated because you've been overwhelmed by the amount of guesswork and the research you have to do to make a smart choice -- this is your opportunity! I'm giving you everything you need to make your decision.

P.P.P.S. Think about how much money and time you can save with all the information you're getting. When you consider how much time and money you'd have to spend on the internet searching for all this information and on the phone talking to sales reps and agents... not to mention travel expenses to and from your home -- it's pretty obvious you're investment will pay for itself many times over.

Remember you have my money back guarantee! Don't wait another day!

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