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Finding Your Best Place To Live In The Carolinas!

Dear Friend,

Do you want to find Your best place to live in the Carolinas? And would you like it to be affordable? And save thousands of dollars when you move?

Of course you do! 

It sounds simple enough. And it is simple....North Carolina and South Carolina Best Places To Live Expert

But before we talk about how simple it is let me tell you a little of my story.

My name is Bob Bencivenga and for over 35 years, I've worked as a "Real Estate Location Analyst."

In other words, I find properties in areas that are affordable and poised for future growth.

Most importantly, I find these areas before everyone else finds out about them.  This way the corporations I work for get a lot more for their money.

I'm from the New York City area. And the attitude is...

"NYC is the best place in the world ~ Why would anyone move from here?"

Don't get me wrong it's a great place but boy... it's expensive.  And the winters are cold!

So, my wife and I decided to find a place to live where the cost of living is lower, the housing is affordable and the climate had to be mild.

We wanted to make our money stretch and have a great life filled with what we love to do.

So...doing what I've done for 35+ years, I started to research the Carolinas.

I discovered places where housing is affordable, the cost of living is low, they are poised for future economic growth and the climate is mild.

And YES, we found our best place to live in the Carolinas!

North Carolina and South Carolina Best Places To Live

"In the next 20 years, 50 million people will move south of an imaginary line which runs from the top of North Carolina west to Santa Barbara, California." ~ American Demographics Magazine

Best Places To Live In North Carolina And South Carolina

Obviously many people are looking to move to the Carolinas.

Okay...back to saving thousands of $$$. And how simple it really is....

Since site location is what I do for a living, I have a bit of a leg up.  I already know the biggest Key to saving thousands of $$$ is...

Get there before everyone else does!

That's the single most important thing you can do to save thousands of dollars.

  • But now, what does knowing that do for you?
  • How are you going to use this "Key" to save thousands of dollars?
  • "I saved a lot of time, money and aggravation by listening to your advice. And found the place of my dreams" ~ Dennis Bisesti

    Right now you fall into one of 3 categories:

    Category 1 ...

    You have decided which state you want to live in. And you have a list of cities and towns you think could be your best place to live.

    If this is you then this is an awesome day.

    Do you know which cities and towns will save you thousands of $$$?

    If you don’t, don’t worry, I’m here to help.  Remember, I’ve already evaluated over 100 cities and towns that have potential for future growth even if they aren't perfect now.

    You and I will match up our lists and take advantage of the Key.  We’ll narrow down your list even further.

    Category 2 ...

    You've decided which state but you don’t know what city or town to move to.

    This is a perfect time for you take advantage of this simple Key.

    I've put together cities and towns you can really capitalize on and get some fantastic deals. 

    Just because an area is not on everyone's best place to live list doesn't mean they aren't great places.

    Category 3 ...

    The thought of moving to the Carolinas sounds great to you.  But it's just a dream.

    You don't know when or how you could make it happen.  In your spare time you're researching and learning about the Carolinas.


    If this is you...I have a real soft spot for you.  Because that's where we were.

    We knew we wanted to leave the NYC area.  We knew each year when we got our school and property tax bill we wanted to run to the Carolinas.

    So I'm telling's possible to make your dream come true.

    Take a look at where we began.  And look at us now!

    "I don't know how you find them, but Columbus should have had you along." ~Steve Sanders

    Best Places To Live In North Carolina And South Carolina

    But there's more You need to do. You have to be able to answer the question…

    How do You know where "There" is?

    "The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Best Places To Live In The Carolinas"

    The Ultimate Guide will take you deeper into what you need to do to begin to answer that question.

    It's important you pick the right state and the best city/town for you and your family.

    Who wants to move only to be miserable?  And you can't just pick any area.

    There are specific areas that are best suited for and your lifestyle.  And we'll be talking more about that in the Ultimate Guide.

    "Thanks, and.... As a result of your "Ultimate Guide" I have retired and relocated my family . Thanks for your diligence in researching and reporting. The "Guide" was VERY helpful in finding a safe place with GREAT schools for my children."~ Thanks once again, bob

    Best Places To Live In North Carolina And South Carolina

    It's super important to know exactly what you are looking for and I’ll teach you how to determine that.

    And you'll see - each piece of information will stack upon each other which will impact on your ability to be able to identify where you should live.

    I use the exact same process to locate the best places to live in North and South Carolina I do for the companies I work for.

    The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Best Places to Live In The Carolinas

    "Why Is This Guide Important To You?"

    You're about to discover...

    The Number One Secret For Getting The Home You Want At A Price That's Affordable!

    You'll also learn about:

    • Cost of living
    • Economic growth
    • Affordable housing
    • Climate
    • Jobs
    • Taxes
    • Medical care
    • Schools
    • Cultural events and local attractions
    • Recreational activities
    • Infrastructure
    • And more...

    I’ve discovered over 100 incredible places you can get a lot more for your money -- BEFORE they become too expensive.

    "I haven't read about some of these places anywhere else. I've visited several of them, and they're truly gems." ~Don Newsholme

    Best Places To Live In North Carolina And South Carolina

    I've uncovered cities and towns where you can live affordably on crystal clear lakes and at the ocean. Or in the mountains with incredible views and sunsets!

    And charming small towns with wide boulevards, beautiful green spaces, and quaint Main Streets. I’ve even found some of the best places to live right outside vibrant big cities.  

    I guaranteeNorth Carolina and South Carolina best places to liveone of these places are perfect for your new home. I'm here to make sure you know what you are looking for and get the most value for your money. You deserve to live in a place that fits your dreams and resources.

    AND… For The First 50 People Who Order

    You’ll get a FREE 15-Minute One-on-One Personal Consultation with Me!

    I'll answer any questions you have and I’ll tell you exactly where to find the cities and towns that are still affordable!

    The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Best Places to Live In The Carolinas

    Best Places To Live In North Carolina And South Carolina

    Remember, I guaranteeNorth Carolina and South Carolina best places to live You'll Find Your Best Place to live!  

    Instead of you, I spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars researching and traveling throughout the Carolinas.

    "We are using your information as we explore other cities in our travels around N.C. What you have compiled is most helpful. By the time we enter a new town we have an interest in, we know most of all we need to know about the area thanks to your research. ~ Mayer"

    And that’s not all…

    Also included is my "44 Lifestyle Qualities Relocation Checklist™. "

    With the checklist you will simply, easily and quickly find out what's really important to you.  You won't have any doubts about what your Best Place to live must include.

    Based on what's important to you, you'll be able to choose from over 100 handpicked "Places of Value."

    Plus you get my Special Report, "21 Things To Watch Out For In Finding Your Best Places to Live."

    "After years of searching, Bob pointed me to a place that was perfect, and kept me from making a big mistake." ~ Tony Raimondo

    And the Guide has a Special Resources section that reveals everything you need to know to successfully and easily move to your best place to live.

    You'll learn...

    • The one question you must ask Realtors that can save you thousands of dollars. They'll try to dodge your questions until they see how well-prepared you are.
    • Which towns are cheaper to live in and which will cost you more... and how to uncover the hidden costs of living you can't calculate from a tax table.
    • 21 things to watch out for in finding your Best Places to Live to save you heartache and eliminate buyer's remorse.
    • How to save at least $5,000 on your building plans.
    • Where the best places are to find jobs
    • The 3 things Realtors can't tell you, but I can... and will.
    • How to find the areas with the best medical care... even in towns with populations under 10,000, if you know what to look for.
    • The biggest mistake everyone makes when they buy their Dream Home.
    • How to find out the crime rate in the area before you buy, and which crimes happen most frequently.
    • What type of agreement not to sign with a Realtor.

    • The 2 best times to buy your Dream Home in a planned community to get the lowest possible sale price... above and over the advertised deals developers like to brag about.
    • 28 things you must know when choosing a planned community.
    • The hidden fees and charges in every planned community
    • The one thing you must know if you buy your Dream Home in a planned community...
    "This Guide helped me realize exactly what was really important to me in finding my best place to live that would fit my needs. " ~ Tara Lieto

    Best Places To Live In North Carolina And South Carolina

    And as my Gift To You, you’ll also get the North Carolina and South Carolina Community Directories!

    That’s right, I contacted over 300 communities -- including 180 in North Carolina and 120 in South Carolina.

    Using my "50 Point Survey" I've uncovered everything you need to know when considering a planned community.

    I even list every amenity possible and whether each community has them or not.

    You'll know which communities offer special weekend visitation packages... giving you substantial discounts on hotel accommodations when you visit the community.

    You'll also discover which communities offer special discounted prices if you buy before they start construction, easily save $10,000 on your Dream Home!

    You also get my Community Cost of Living Comparison Tool™ which allows you to compare communities’ side-by-side.

    And I put all the information I found out in my Special Report, "28 Things You Must Know When Choosing A Planned Community."

    Plus,You Also Get 3 Special Bonuses...


    "50 Places in North and South Carolina Where You Can Still Buy A Home In A High Quality Neighborhood for Under $150,000"

    There are some amazing values in this Report.

    If you've toyed with the idea of relocating to the Carolinas -- but hesitated because you were cautious about your ability to afford a great home --

    Discover over 50 places in the Carolinas to buy a home for under $150,000!




    My Private Password Protected Website ($120 value)

    Here is where you'll find planned communities in the Carolinas organized by geographical area.

    If you're looking for best places in coastal areas, this makes it super-fast and easy to find them. You also get access to listings of lake and golf communities.

    If you're interested in finding a particular community, all communities are listed by the town and geographical area.


    "The Carolina Report" FREE Weekly Updates ($89 value) I visit and research areas, I report back to you real estate values, lifestyle, cost of living, and more.

    I report it all to you!  All saving you time and money!

    All You Need To Find Your Best Places To Live In The Carolinas!

    You can't afford to be without this information!

    Each month, I review newspapers, trade journals, government reports, newsletters, magazines, business journals, and paid website subscriptions to find out what's going on in NC and SC.

    When you move to the Carolinas, just one of the dozens of insider tips and strategies you'll have learned from these Guides could easily save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

    In fact, I guarantee it!

    That's why The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Best Places to Live In The Carolinas, the North Carolina Communities Directory, the South Carolina Communities Directory, all 3 FREE bonuses, and the FREE one-on-one consultation are such a bargain at just ...


    The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Best Places to Live In The Carolinas

    Best Places To Live In North Carolina And South Carolina

    That’s a lot less than buying a new video game for your kids or grandkids.

    Plus, the best part is you can be reading your Guides in just a few minutes from now.  No waiting for the mailman to show up. And without paying a single dime for shipping or postage!

    The Carolina Guide and Directories are downloadable E-Books.

    Due to the size of the Ultimate Guide (over 500 pages) and the Directories, the rising costs of printing the cost for everything would have been over $300.00!

    You can begin reading your Guides, Directories and Bonuses Today!

    Plus you also get...


    Use "The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Best Places to Live in the Carolinas" and "The Community Directories".

    If they don't save you at least 5 times the purchase price, I'll rush you a full refund within 24 hours... no questions asked! You Risk Nothing!

    Your 30 Day No-Risk 100% Moneyback Guarantee

    Be one of the first 50 people and I'll immediately email you my private phone number for your personal consultation!

    With my personal help, you'll find your Best Places to Live in the Carolinas, and save thousands doing it!

    It’s pretty obvious your investment will pay for itself many times over. 

    Remember you have my money back guarantee! Don't wait another day!

    See You in the Carolinas,

    Relocation Expert Shares Best Places To Live In North Carolina and South Carolina

    Best Places To Live In North Carolina And South Carolina

    Still need convincing? 

    Take a look inside the Ultimate Guide and see a preview of what you will get! 

    Ultimate Guide Preview

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