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South Carolina Piedmont Best Places To Live Map And Climate InformationThe South Carolina Piedmont Plateau consists of most of the middle of the state.  The state capital, Columbia SC, along with many other Piedmont South Carolina Best Places to live, is located in the heart of the Piedmont Plateau.

The South Carolina Piedmont begins at the Fall Line.  It is the point where rivers running from the west towards the ocean have a period of rapids as they descend from the hard rock of the Piedmont to the softer soils of the Coastal Plain.  Elevations of the Piedmont Plateau begin at about 400 feet, and run up to around 1,400 feet.

The landscape is mostly gentle hills that become more extreme the farther west and northwest you travel. The Piedmont Plateau experiences some of the hottest temperatures in South Carolina.

Too far from the South Carolina Coast to enjoy the breezes.  Too low in elevation to have the cooling effects of the higher altitude of Upstate South Carolina.  The hottest days happen here.

Luckily, there are several lakes in the South Carolina Piedmont area to help cool people off when the heat gets unbearable.

Lake Marion and Lake Moultrie are connected by a canal. They form a large body of water.This body of water stretches from the northwest corner of Francis Marion State Park up into Calhoun County, which is southwest of Columbia.

To the east of Columbia SC is Lake Murray.  Which also provides respite from summer’s heat.

Average temperatures in Columbia SC in July top out in the low nineties.  And average lows in January hover in the upper thirties. Precipitation in the South Carolina Piedmont is found mostly in the form of rain.

Columbia receives an average of about 45 inches of rain per year, with the most falling in August and the least in November.

Once or twice a year there will be a small amount of snow.  Most likely in the South Carolina Upper Piedmont. Often with no lasting accumulation.

South Carolina Piedmont is in the process of moving from a primarily agrarian based economy towards a business, industry, and manufacturing centered economy.

Most of the farming in South Carolina occurs in the inner Atlantic Coast.  Although there is a good bit spread throughout the South Carolina Piedmont Plateau as well. The South Carolina Piedmont raises a large amount of the states livestock.

Many of South Carolina’s forests are found in the Piedmont Plateau and are working forests, which are harvested for lumber.

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