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The South Carolina Upstate Region is the smallest of South Carolina’s three regions.

The highest peak in the South Carolina Upstate Region is Sassafras Mountain.  Which has an altitude of 3,554 feet.  Most of the South Carolina Upstate Region has top heights of about 3,000 feet.

The Mountains are mostly covered in forest and have a number of rivers and man-made lakes.

The altitude enjoyed by the Best Places to live in the South Carolina Upstate Region varies greatly depending on proximity to the base of the mountains.

Locations that are further from the South Carolina Upstate Region receive much less rain per year than those directly at the base.

As storms cross the low mountain tops their intensity is diminished as they travel eastward.

Cesears Head, which is in the northwest corner of Greenville County receives an average of about 76 inches of precipitation per year, around nine inches of that in the form of snow.

An hour southeast in Greenville SC, you’ll only receive about 47 inches of precipitation per year, with about five inches of snow.

Further south of Greenville, the amount of total precipitation stays about the same, but the amount of snow drops to around one to two inches a year.

In recent years, the South Carolina Upstate Region has enjoyed increased prosperity.

The emergence of the I-26 corridor as an economic force has helped the cities of Greenville and Spartanburg grow, as well as the towns surrounding them.

The beauty and tranquility of the mountains and lakes that fill the area has drawn people looking for a peaceful small town retirement, tourists, and new families.

There are many different types of communities springing up in South Carolina Upstate.  Suitable for every lifestyle, from exclusive lake-side living to family oriented neighborhoods and sleepy towns.

South Carolina Upstate Best Places To Live

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