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The smallest number of North Carolina Best Places To Live are in the Mountains. The mountain region is  the smallest of the three regions in North Carolina, accounting for only about a fifth of the total state.

The best places to live in North Carolina Mountains enjoy the greatest variance of altitude out of all the regions.  Ranging from valleys of about 1,500 feet to vistas of over 6,000 feet.

The highest point in the North Carolina Mountains region being mt. Mitchell, at 6,684.  About 125 peaks rise above 5,000 feet, and over 40 are above 6,000 feet.

The North Carolina Mountains have a great variety of terrain and weather.  As a result of the differences in altitude, in addition to the effects caused by the mountains framing the region.

Due to its altitude, the North Carolina Mountains are the coolest part of the state. When temperatures are in the nineties in the rest of North Carolina, expect it to be from five to ten degrees cooler in the mountains.

The same can be said in the winter when most of North Carolina is being rained on, most of the North Carolina Mountains region is seeing icy conditions or snow.

Average temperatures range from upper twenties to upper thirties.  Depending upon altitude and latitude.  With the northern latitudes and upper altitudes typically receiving colder temperatures.

Another important factor is a town’s location in relation to the North Carolina mountain peaks.

The southwestern region of the North Carolina Mountains receives the most precipitation of any spot in the Eastern United States.  About eighty to ninety inches of precipitation per year.

Parts of Jackson and Transylvania Counties lie in this area of heavy precipitation.

However, this amount of precipitation does not hold true for all Western North Carolina Mountains.  A difference of thirty miles can make a difference of thirty inches of rain.

In the Best Places To Live In North Carolina Mountains of Brevard gets about 67 inches per year.  Whereas Asheville, only about thirty miles away gets only about 38 inches per year.

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Locations with the most amounts of precipitation include Highlands, which receives about 84 inches per year, and Lake Toxaway, which receives about 92 inches per year.

Overall, the average amount of precipitation in the North Carolina Mountains is from 40 to 55 inches per year,   The average amount of snowfall is around twenty inches.

With its varied altitudes and topography of mountains and valleys, laced with rivers and spotted with clear lakes, the North Carolina Mountains region is one of the most beautiful of North Carolina’s areas.

Lacking the large cities of the North Carolina Piedmont Plateau, or the arable land and waterfront access of the North Carolina Coastal Plain.

The North Carolina Mountains have turned towards Eco-tourism, cultural attractions and numerous small towns with charm, to bring people to them.

For years now, people have been moving to the North Carolina Mountains to experience  the raw beauty of the mountains.  And the four distinct seasons. The possibility of a white Christmas, and summers cooled by mountain breezes.

The North Carolina Mountains have harvested what the land has offered them.  The apple orchards thrive in the thermal belt regions, and a growing Christmas Tree industry is booming as well.

The city of Asheville is comparable to any other in the state in terms of culture and thrills.  Boone NC and Hendersonville NC are another couple of prominent cities in Western North Carolina Mountains.

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