South Carolina Best Places How To Pick Yours


Let’s cut through the hype to find your South Carolina best places to live and save money.

South Carolina Best Places How To Find YoursPerhaps it only happens at the beginning of the year however, it seems every time I’m at the magazine rack I see a new list of the “Top Ten Towns for Boomers.

Or the “Ten Most Affordable Retirement Places,” or the “Best Places for Paper Airplane Lovers.”

You get the drift.

Either way, it seems to always be the same towns, and I still don’t understand how they are picked.

What makes these towns the best?

Has anyone asked you…

“What’s important to You and what makes a city or town your Best Place?”

Have you ever been asked…

“Why is South Carolina your Best Place To Live?”

We are constantly bombarded by mass amounts of information.  It’s easy to see why we accept what is presented to us. But this is a really important decision.

When I started looking at cities and towns in North Carolina and South Carolina, for the relocation of my family, I realized, after reading all the “Best Places” lists, I still didn’t know what a “Best Place” meant to me.

My wife and I have spent a lot of time talking about what are the most important things to us.  Do we simply want to change geographic locations or do we want a lifestyle change?

SC Coastal Best Places To Live Retire Or RelocateSouth Carolina Best Places To Live Ultimate Guide

Save Money When You Move To South Carolina

As we talked, I put together a list of the most important questions to ask when evaluating a new area.

Using it, I was able to cut through all the media gloss and hype surrounding the true facts.

Yes, I have a “South Carolina Best Places” list, but they’re just suggestions, as I make perfectly clear.

And I’m willing to bet a lot of them are new to you.

But before you put any money down and call the moving company there are…

Five areas you need to research to pick your South Carolina Best Places

  1. One of the most important factors to consider is the climate of your South Carolina Best Places.
  2. What size city or town is your South Carolina Best Places?  And it does matter.
  3. Growth rate. This is a critical question many of us don’t consider when defining our South Carolina Best Places
  4. Should an airport be close to your South Carolina Best Places?
  5. What are the housing costs like in your South Carolina Best Places?

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