How To Pick Best Places To Live In North Carolina


I’ve never seen a headline “How to pick Your Best Places To Live In North Carolina.”

Best Places To Live In North Carolina How To Find YoursHave you?

It seems every time I’m at the magazine rack, I see a new list of the “Top Ten Best Places”, and they’re always the same towns.

Have you noticed when you search Google or Bing, the same websites come up saying “Best Place To Live – ” followed with a specific city or town in North Carolina or South Carolina.

How can the places on the Top Ten Lists be the Best Places for everyone?

When I started researching to find the best places in North Carolina and South Carolina, for the relocation of my family, I realized I still didn’t know what a “Best Place” meant to me!

So, I put together a list of the most important questions to ask when evaluating Best Places To Live In North Carolina.

And I came up with “45 Lifestyle Qualities” to consider when picking Your Best Places To Live In North Carolina.

North Carolina Best Places To Live GuideBest Places To Live In North Carolina Ultimate Guide

Start Your New Life Right In NC!

Don’t make your choice based on other people’s criteria.

I must admit, a lot of the titles to my Carolina Report also begin with “Best Place To Live” HOWEVER….

If you’ve been around for a while you know I’m more interested teaching you how to pick your Best Places To Live In North Carolina based on what’s important to you.

Below are 5 tips!

How to pick Your Best Places To Live In North Carolina:

  1. One of the most important factors to consider is climate. The climate can change quite a bit within North Carolina.
    • The middle areas or Piedmont North Carolina are the hottest and often feel most humid.
    • While the coastline of North Carolina offers you more of a breeze so you won’t feel the humidity as much.
    • The North Carolina mountains stay the coolest as you would suspect.  But remember, you can even get a bit of snow and ice in the winter.
  2. The size of the city or town, and its pace of life can really make a difference when deciding your best place to live.
    • If big cities or suburban sprawl make you sick, you’ll be wise to consider a quieter area however, you must be willing to drive a bit further for services.
    • There are many pretty little spots “outside of town,” with access to all you’ll need, if you’re willing to drive a bit to get there.
  3. An areas growth rate…
    • How fast is the area growing, and is there the infrastructure in place to handle it?
    • Will your sleepy hollow become a bustling thoroughfare?
    • How will the growth affect your daily commute and shopping?
  4. Is there an international airport within driving distance?
    • Depending on how much you fly, this can be an important question. There are many smaller airports throughout North Carolina, many of which have connecting flights to larger airports.
    • Most of the towns we discuss are within an hour of a major airport.
  5. Is the area affordable?
    • Median housing costs, taxes, and the costs for goods and services vary greatly from place to place, through out North Carolina.
    • Picking one town over another, even within twenty miles of each other can make a big difference.

These 5 tips give a good start to picking your Best Places To Live In North Carolina.  And I hope got you thinking about what’s important to you.

Do you know what defines Your Best Places To Live In North Carolina? And do you know how to pick your Best Places To Live In North Carolina?

Enough with my ranting and on to the more important topic…

The real question is, “How to pick your Best Places To Live In North Carolina?”

Remember…there’s one main thing you need to know in learning how to pick your Best Places To Live In North Carolina.

What’s important to YOU!

See You in North Carolina!

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