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Living by the beach in South Carolina or North Carolina has always had a certain allure to me.   However as I’ve gotten older, the threat of storms and the high cost of real estate have prevented me from buying on the Carolina Coast.  Truth is… I wouldn’t buy on any coastline.

Instead, I’ve turned inland.  While retaining a desire to live by the water I have started looking at South Carolina best places to live Lake Planned Communities.

South Carolina has a great number of beautiful lake planned communities. Communities to fit any budget or lifestyle for relocation or retirement.  And yes, I mean planned communities for younger families.

All too often people confused planned communities with retirement.  There are so many more options today for a variety of lifestyles in a planned community.  And think about it seriously.

Where else are you going to go where you have a greater likelihood of meeting new people in the same situation as you?  Don’t underestimate how challenging it can be to make friends in a new area. A planned community gives you a bit of leg up so to speak.

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If you’re like me and have wanted to live by the water, but are highly allergic to catastrophic storms and atmospheric real estate prices, living in a South Carolina Lake community may be your best place to live.

Living lakeside in South Carolina, you’ll have the joys of the views of cool, blue waters, framed by lush, green forests, but the peace of mind that your home won’t be in danger every hurricane season.

South Carolina Best Places To Live Lake Planned Communities

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