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Friendliest City In Upstate South Carolina


Referring to themselves as South Carolinas “Bright Spot,” we’re in the friendliest city in Upstate South Carolina ~ Anderson.

Upstate South Carolina Best Place To LiveWe’re continuing our journey(and we’re almost complete) through the Best Places for Business and Careers.

We’ve been counting down all the North Carolina and South Carolina cities on the list from all over the country, both large and small.

Beyond ranking the cities as a whole, each city is also ranked for:

  • cost of doing business
  • job growth
  • education

I’m taking a closer look at each of these factors, to help you narrow down the choices of your best large and small cities to live in North Carolina and South Carolina.

We’ve been back and forth between North Carolina and South Carolina for weeks now and this week we’re staying in South Carolina.  But we’ve headed west to Upstate South Carolina best small cities.  At  least one of them.

Ranked #84 out of 200, the Friendliest City In Upstate South Carolina ~ Anderson comes as no surprise.

Nicknamed “The Electric City,” did you know that Upstate Anderson was the first city in the United States to have a continuous supply of electricity?  And Anderson has also been named the “Friendliest City In Upstate South Carolina.”

Doesn’t that make you want to go there just to see what it’s all about?

I’m assuming you’ve been taking this journey along with me.  So as with many of the cities on the list in North Carolina and South Carolina, it’s already on my list of Upstate South Carolina Best Small Cities.

So yes, we’ve visited Anderson before. But today we’re going to delve deeper into what this small city overall has to offer those of us considering relocating or retiring to Upstate South Carolina best small cities.

So let’s shift our focus to their economy.

Anderson has a population of 27,181, and is located in Anderson County, which has a population of 184,900.

Anderson ranks #74 in cost of doing business. And remember there were 200 large cities and 200 small cities ranked.  So this means Anderson is well under under the halfway point of the list.

So if you are considering starting a business when you relocate or retire Anderson is not the least expensive but it is far from being on the list of expensive Upstate South Carolina best small cities to start a business.

Upstate South Carolina Best Places To Live Guide Upstate South Carolina Best Places To Live Guide

Save Money Move To Upstate South Carolina Best Places

In regard to job growth, Anderson comes in at #131. While you might think yikes out of 200 small cities throughout the United States, Anderson came is 131.  And I like you am tempted to think it isn’t very good.

However it’s important to recognize that even with this ranking, still brought job growth to Anderson.  So it’s all perspective.

The unemployment rate sits at right in line with the national average. With fluctuations, the unemployment rate has still managed to stay below the national average. As time goes on, we’ll see significant improvements in these numbers.

The major industries in Anderson are plastics and health care. The area’s largest employers include:

  • Women & Children’s Hospital with 4,000 employees
  • Med Health Medical Center with 3,392 employees
  • Electrolux Home Products with 1,400 employees

The cost of living is below the national average, so it is a very affordable small city to live.

Anderson is an ideal choice for relocation or retirement.

If education is important to you, and I mean education in regard to your neighbors not your kids and schools, Anderson ranks at #117.  Again put into perspective you’ll see it is far from the worst.  And it might not be a critical consideration for you.

  • 79.4% of residents have a high school diploma
  • 19.6% have a college degree
  • 6.8% have attained a graduate degree

With little average annual snowfall and 221 days of sunshine, Anderson is a great Upstate South Carolina small city if you want to see snow every once in a while.

Anderson is home to amazing mountain scenery, and occasionally gets a little snowfall, too.  Just under 30 minutes to another on the list of Upstate South Carolina best small cities ~ Greenville.

And, it’s only about an hour’s drive to Western North Carolina and the Great Smokey Mountains.  In short, there’s plenty to see and do near by. Take a closer look at Anderson and you may soon realize your search for your Upstate South Carolina Best Small City is over!

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