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Durham North Carolina Best Places To Live Business

Durham North Carolina Best Places To Live Business


Durham North Carolina Best Places To Live Business Through the years, while doing this research, it seems as though compared to Raleigh and Chapel Hill, next on our list of North Carolina best places to live may be a sleeping giant!

I love this city for many reasons(including great hamburgers.)

And you may not know this city not only is one of my North Carolina best places to live but it also ranked an impressive #10 on the 2013 annual list of the Best Places for Business and Careers published by Forbes.

Seriously…#10!!!  That is 10th of the 200 big cities that made the list throughout the United States.

Today’s journey takes us into the heart of one of the North Carolina best places to live in the Piedmont region.   And we’re going to find out what makes Durham North Carolina rank so highly out of thousands of United States cities.

Welcome to this week’s Carolina Report as we take a look at this North Carolina best places to live from the perspective of a business owner, a family looking for employment, or a retiree looking for a great place to call home.

Could this be on your list of North Carolina best places to live?

A Little About the City

Durham is the county seat of Durham County, located in the eastern central portion of Piedmont North Carolina.

With nearly 95 square miles of rolling hills and the beautiful Eno River, you’ll find it’s a beautiful area.

Durham is the fourth largest city by population in the area as well. Well known as part of the Research Triangle and home to Duke University and North Carolina Central University.

Durham is also known for its beautiful architecture and impressive skyline.  And being one of the North Carolina best places to live, Durham is one that’s simply too good to pass up.

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The sun is shining and welcome to #10 Best Place For Business And Careers 2013.

There are a few reasons why Durham NC ranked #10 on the list. The area, which has a metro population of about 523,600 people is not nearly as large as other cities in the area.   Which is one of the reasons it still has the small town feel.

The median household income here is $50,029 and the median home price sits at about $182,500.

There are several key industries that make Durham a desirable place for business.

This includes:

  • technology
  • health care
  • education

The technology industry is one of the fastest growing job markets in the city. The Research Triangle Park area is one of the most prominent high tech research areas in the entire country.

This development center is nothing short of impressive as it brings in a variety of technology-focused companies. In addition to this, Duke University itself.   As well as the bio-tech industries are also big role players in the economic diversity and growth.

The cost of living is below the national average, making the city one of the most affordable bigger cities in the country. College attainment is high as 41 percent here.

Also important to note are the other rankings from the annual list.

Durham ranked #46 in job growth among cities in the US. It ranked #11 in education. And, for those who plan to start or move a business into the city, Durham ranks #64 in terms of cost of doing business.

All of these impressive numbers are great reasons to consider Durham as one of your North Carolina best places to live.  Especially if you are looking to work in one of the fields they are known for or you are interested in starting your own business.

It’s easy to see just how diverse the city can be.

Durham is an impressive city. And I’m confident it belongs on the list of North Carolina best places to live. With plenty to offer anyone who lives here.

And I was glad to see that Durham remains friendly and quite upbeat.

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