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Coastal SC Best Places To Live SummervilleLeaving the Coastal SC Best Places of Charlesto, heading northwest to another Coastal SC Best Places Summerville  is only about a 30 minute ride.

We pass through what is presently the 3rd largest city in South Carolina.

Known as the “Hub of the Low Country,” North Charleston SC has quickly become the hotspot for residential building.

Due to its close proximity to downtown Charleston SC and it’s relatively lower land costs it provides a wide spectrum of choices for first time home buyers, elegant homes, planned communities and homesites.

Summervilles’ beauty and charm is mirrored in her motto, “The Flower Town in the Pines.”

A bedroom community for the larger urban centers in the area, Summerville attracts families, business people and military personnel looking for a quality of life with affordable housing and good schools.

Historic downtown Summerville SC is known for its shopping, exceptional dining and hometown hospitality and is home to South Carolina’s oldest pharmacy with a real soda fountain.

In addition to the Summerville downtown district, just outside town along the I26 corridor is shopping centers with many major chain stores and restaurants.

Adding to the Coastal SC Best Places of Summervilles lure, is the Flowertown Festival held each spring when 10′s of thousands of visitors enjoy millions of blossoms, especially azaleas, in private and public gardens, like the mid-town Azalea Park.

With a population of over 48,000 and climbing, construction like the New Town Hall Annex and new housing developments is evidence of Summerville’s growth of 35% in the last five years making it the fastest growing town in the state.

A popular retreat during the Victorian era, Summerville SC still retains much of the charm it acquired during the romantic period.

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