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Coastal SC Best Places to live of Summerville is loaded with beauty and charm.  And it’s no wonder why it’s on the list of Coastal South Carolina Best Places to live.  This beauty and charm is mirrored in her motto, “The Flower Town in the Pines.

A bedroom community for the larger urban centers in the  (Charleston) Summerville SC attracts families, business people and military personnel looking for a quality of life with affordable housing and good schools.

Just one of the reasons Summerville continues to be on our list of  Coastal SC  best places to live is that it is all about the feeling of small town living.  A quaint downtown, affordable housing and plenty of big box store shopping just outside of town.

The residents of Summerville  SC are committed making the center of town destination place so they formed a non-profit to revitalize.  Their efforts have paid off.  Downtown Summerville is now a vibrant place to be.  Art galleries, antique shops and wonderful restaurants.

Just a short drive away is another Coastal SC Best Places to live ~ North Charleston.  North Charleston SC might become known as South Carolina’s most notable “Boom Town.”

The city’s population has tripled since 1972 and now encompasses more than 73,000 square miles making it South Carolina’s third largest municipality.

For me…that means JOBS!!!!

And don’t forget, historic Charleston and all it has to offer is just a few minutes away.  What is there not to like about North Charleston SC?

Take a ride through North Charleston and Summerville SC.

Explore all they have to offer and decide if they should be on YOUR Top Ten List of South Carolina Best Places to Live!

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