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Piedmont NC Best Place Hickory is in a beautiful location in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

In western North Carolina between Charlotte NC and Mountain NC Best Place To Live Asheville NC, Hickory is still considered to be part of Piedmont North Carolina.

Hickory NC has grown from just a small town into a city with a population of over 41,000.

Piedmont NC Best Place Hickory is clearly one of our Best Places to Live, Relocate or Retire to in North Carolina and demonstrates low cost of living and strong sense of community.

Hickory has earned the honor of receiving the “All American” award.  In order for a city to receive the “All-American” award, its citizens must work together to overcome a challenge in the community.

This Piedmont NC Best Place to live earned it’s award by preserving its rich history and Hickory’s commitment to successfully preserve its historical landmarks.

While visiting Piedmont NC Best Place Hickory, I was struck by how friendly the people were.  The residents have a strong sense of community.  Usually this sense of community is found in smaller towns than in a large city like Hickory.

The neighborhoods surrounding downtown Hickory are quite beautiful. Tree lined streets with warm and inviting houses.  It’s no wonder Hickory NC is a best place to live in North Carolina.

Seriously wouldn’t you want to live in a city like this?

A definite jewel of North Carolina’s Heartland.  Best Place to live in Piedmont North Carolina Hickory NC!  Check it out.

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