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Greenville South Carolina Best College Town for Retirement or RelocationAs if living your retirement in Upstate Greenville SC wouldn’t be enough, add to it the fact that it is one of the best college towns and you definitely have a Best Place To Live In South Carolina.

If you want to take regular courses at the college, you can have access to the full catalog by applying as a non-degree seeking student.

Greenville SC has a total of around 13,000 students, spread out in three colleges. They are Greenville Technical College, Bob Jones University, and Furman University.

Downtown Greenville South Carolina is a tree lined, walkable area, perfect for newcomers and long time residents alike.

There are plenty of options for shopping, dining, and nightlife. With the Greenville area experiencing rapid growth, now is a great time for if your considering Upstate Greenville SC as your best place to live for retirement or relocation.

The largest college in Greenville South Carolina is Greenville Technical College.

With about 6,000 students, followed by Bob Jones University, which has about 3,500 students, and Furman University, which accounts for about 3,000 students.

Greenville Technical College has a continuing education department which has a number of vocational based courses such as computer and business, or healthcare courses. There are also lifestyle courses such as floral design or interior design.

If you’ve been wanted to stretch out your creative side in retirement, this is a great place to get a good footing.

Bob Jones University is a great place for events and cultural happenings.

The University has art exhibits, bible conferences (it is a Christian college), plays, and plenty more.

Bob Jones also has a nice continuing education department with a variety of computer classes, digital photography courses, scripture study, and health and fitness classes to keep you in shape between courses.

Furman University definitely steals the show when it comes to community involvement.

Make a quick visit to their website at, to see the huge variety of activities involved with the community.

There is the Furman Golf Club, a hiring service that places undergraduates with residents needing help with a job, and a great continuing education department coordinated by the Furman University Learning in Retirement (FULIR) division.

FULIR is associated with the Elderhostel program and provides a safe, enjoyable learning environment for seniors.

Furman University even has its own continuing care retirement center, called The Woodlands at Furman.

If your thinking South Carolina may be your best place to live for retirement or relocation and the thought of a college town sounds even a little enticing to you, I strongly recommend you check out Greenville SC.

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