Columbia SC Best College Towns For Retirement


Columbia SC Best College Towns For RetirementColumbia SC may be known as the state’s capital, but it is also home to a number of colleges.

The largest college, with an enrollment of a little over 20,000 under graduate students is the University of South Carolina at Columbia.

Other colleges in Columbia SC include, Midlands Technical College, with about 6,000 students, and Benedict College, with about 3,000 students.

Now, because of the size of the city of Columbia SC, many people won’t consider it your quintessential college town.

But, with around 30,000 students in Columbia SC, you’ll certainly have plenty of opportunities to get in the classroom.

USC Columbia is your best bet for continuing your education in your retirement.

The Continuing Education Department has many options for older learners.

There are non-credit certificate programs, online courses you may take from the comfort of your home, and the traditional curriculum which is open to students of all ages, whether you are pursuing a degree or not.

If you want to live in a college town for the events it provides, Columbia SC is a great place to choose.

USC Columbia has competitive teams playing football, basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, and more.  USC’s football program is one of the best in the nation, consistently fielding great teams and sending players onto the NFL.

There are concerts ranging from a cappella groups to piano or guitar masters recitals. The University continuously has a massage therapist on staff, as well as cholesterol screenings, and an open door drop in center for medical concerns.

While the University won’t replace your doctor, it’s nice to know there’s another place to turn to for advice.

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