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From the cobblestone streets, to the gas lights glowing in front of antebellum homes, it’s hard not to fall in love with Charleston South Carolina.

Charleston South Carolina Best College Town Charleston has a strong economy, with the fourth busiest port in the nation, and a great medical care system.

But these aren’t the only reasons Charleston makes it onto the list of the Best Places to Live in South Carolina.

The College of Charleston’s 9,700 students make up the largest portion of the undergraduate pie, with Trident Technical College following with nearly 6,000 students.

There are a few other schools with approximately 2,000 students each, including:

  • Citadel Military University
  • The Medical University of South Carolina
  • Charleston Southern University

Needless to say, Charleston is a great city to live for all ages. You and your family will have lots to choose from in the way of water sports with the assortment of beautiful beaches, shopping, restaurants and entertainment.

However if you are considering moving to coastal South Carolina for your retirement, Charleston does offer a lot to keep you young.

The College of Charleston has two programs for seniors: a Center for Creative Retirement, similar to the program found in Asheville, NC and the Elderhostel Program.

The Center for Creative Retirement is a member led organization with weekly lectures, discussion groups, educational tours, social activities, and other programs to stimulate interest, without the participants having to worry about assignments and grades.

The Center also helps newcomers understand more about Charleston by providing informative history lectures on the area and its people.

Visit for more information.

The Elderhostel Program is a non-profit, fee based organization that organizes experiential based learning and travel activities for older adults.

Fees are charged on a trip by trip basis, and you can participate in whatever seems appealing to you.

The South Carolina trip spends 6 days exploring the history of the city, perfect for resident and newcomer alike. Find out more at

There are plenty of trips around the U.S. and further, if you have a taste of adventure. When you travel with Elderhostel you can feel confident you’ll be taken care of, and be surrounded by like-minded people.

Again, Charleston is a great city for relocation of your family and retirement if you want to live close to some of the best beaches in South Carolina.  And don’t forget about the climate.  Just about year round you have the ability to enjoy the outdoors!  Isn’t that nice.

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