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Located almost in the geographical middle of the state, Piedmont SC Best Place To Live Sumter is forty-four miles east of the capital city, Columbia SC and is a transit hub for the rest of South Carolina.

Piedmont SC Best Place To Live Sumter SC

So what makes Sumter a “transit hub?”

Surrounding the city are Interstates 95, 20, 77 and 26.  Now that might not mean much to you but if you lived in South Carolina, in particular a Piedmont SC Best Place To Live you’d understand how great that is.

In addition, seven US highways and many South Carolina routes meet in the center of the city. Sumter is also well positioned to other South Carolina areas.

The Blue Ridge Parkway and the mountains are 175 miles northwest.

While the beaches of Coastal South Carolina best places to live of Myrtle Beach SC Grand Strand and some of the nicest beaches in the country are only 100 miles to the east.

This Piedmont SC Best Place To Live started out as an agricultural center then became a major railroad and transit hub and now has made the transition to industry.

And so Piedmont SC Best Place Sumter SC is known not only for its agricultural products but also manufacturing, textiles and biotech companies.

Sumter also has its own military base, Shaw Air Force base, home to the 20th Fighter Wing since World War II.

Sumter has a population of about 40,836 people and is the county seat of Sumter County South Carolina, which has a total population of about 108,000 people.

Sumter’s size is in between a metropolitan center and a small town, with tree lined streets and parks that are perfect for taking a shady break from a summer stroll.

On the housing front, Sumter SC has an amazingly affordable local housing market.  You’ll find the median home value around Sumter is approximately $110,000.

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