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Operating under the slogan, “An Oasis of Recreation,” Piedmont SC Best Places including Santee is located in an area where people enjoy spending time outdoors.

Doesn’t this picture make you want to sing Otis Redding’s song Sittin on the dock of the bay watching the sun go down?

Maybe you’re too young to know the song.  If so, just imagine sitting at the end of this dock watching the sun go down….or rise.

Either way it’s not hard to imagine why Santee is on my list of Piedmont SC Best Places To Live. Seriously!!!

Santee’s prime location for sport is matched by its great location for travel and access to other areas.

Located just off the intersection of I-95 and I-26 two major roadways.

The position of this Piedmont SC Best Places To Live on the banks of Lake Marion is in the wooded heartland of South Carolina.

The yearly climate encourages residents to get outside even in the winter.

Santee SC is an ideal location for those who enjoy

  • fishing
  • hunting
  • golf
  • hiking
  • tree houses

While Santee is small, many of the South’s great cities are within an easy drive for services and amenities you may not find in the town.

Piedmont SC Best Places To Live of Columbia, the states capitol is in the center of the state. And the much sought after beaches and Coastal South Carolina Best Place to live of Charleston, are only both about an hour and ten minutes away.

That’s really not a bad ride to spend the day or the weekend at the beaches of South Carolina.

And if you don’t mind a driving a bit further, you may want to spend the day in Savannah, Georgia, just a couple of hours to the south.

Santee is a very small town and growing. The latest population stats are 854 people in Santee.  It is located in Orangeburg County South Carolina, which has a total population of 91,476 people.

The town of Santee SC is small and perfect for walking around, poking in and out of the locally owned shops, and getting to know your neighbors.

Moreover, it is incredibly inexpensive in this Piedmont SC Best Places to live with the median home value of $68,500.  And if you’re not ready to own just yet, the average rental costs starting as low as $111 a month.

So what’s the catch to Piedmont SC Best Places To Live?

Well for Santee, you have to love small town living!

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