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The downtown of SC Piedmont Best Place Orangeburg is picturesque with a town square cooled by fountains and peppered by statues.

Surrounding the square are streets lined with manicured borders and Palmetto trees.

Known as the SC Piedmont Best Place – “The Garden City.”

Living in this SC Piedmont Best Place you’ll be sure to attend the annual Festival of Roses which celebrates not only the blooming of the roses but the beginning of a yearlong opportunity to enjoy the Edisto Memorial Gardens along the banks of the Edisto River.

Did you know the Edisto River is the longest black water river in the world?

Orangeburg SC is not short on community spirit.  It is apparent in the monuments to fallen soldiers past and present.

And this SC Piedmont Best Place has bricked walkways that note charitable contributions by individuals and groups.

Orangeburg has a population of approximately 13,800, and is located in Orangeburg County South Carolina, which has a total population of 91,028 people.

Located just off Interstate 26, the SC Piedmont Best Place of Orangeburg is in a great position to access two of South Carolina’s key metropolitan areas.

Another SC Piedmont Best Place to live and the South Carolina state Capital of Columbia, SC is fifty minutes away.  An easy commute if you are looking to work in a larger city.

And the South Carolina beaches and port city and another South Carolina best place to live of Charleston SC is an hour and twenty minutes away.  Not too bad for an afternoon of fun in the sun or a nice weekend getaway.

The proximity to these two areas, as well as being twenty minutes from I-95, has attracted business interests to Orangeburg SC in the form of new industrial parks.

National recognition came to this SC Piedmont Best Place when Orangeburg won the honor of being a 2005 “All-American City.” And this recognition has helped this city to continually grow.

The area surrounding Orangeburg SC is rich in natural beauty as well.

To the east is Lake Marion and Lake Moultrie, connected by a canal, and covering 110,000 acres.

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