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Camden SC

Located in South Carolina’s high country, SC Piedmont Best Place Camden SC is a horse lover’s paradise.

The equestrian industry in the area provides over 500 full-time jobs, as well as bringing in valuable tourism through races and museums.

All of the businesses that contribute to the equestrian industry make up the second largest business in Kershaw County, behind Investa manufacturing.

The eleventh fastest growing county in the state, Kershaw is also home to the towns of Lugoff and Elgin.

Set in a line, with Lugoff in the middle, and Camden SC to the north, the three towns have experienced rocket like growth in the last five years, with numbers expected to continue to rise.

Reasons for this rise in population include this SC Piedmont Best Place location.  It’s close proximity to capital city, Columbia SC just forty minutes away.

And the residents will quickly tell you the high quality of life in this SC Piedmont Best Place.  The combination of lower housing costs and schools with a good reputation.

Camden has a population of 7,103 people and is located in Kershaw County South Carolina, which has a total population of 60,042 people.

SC Piedmont Best Place Camden is located just off of I-20, near interstates I-95, and I-77, allowing for easy access to other parts of the state and country.

Other nearby large SC Piedmont Best Place cities include Florence SC and Sumter SC.  Both of which are about fifty minutes away.

Coastal South Carolina best places to live of  Myrtle Beach SC and Charleston SC are each about two and a half hours to the east.

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