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The former Chamber of Commerce President, John Poole, used to say that Upstate South Carolina Best Place Spartanburg SC is a city on the, “Fast Track” and he was right.

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Spartanburg SC

Just take a moment and visit Upstate South Carolina Best Place Spartanburg and you’ll soon see the efforts of the residents and city government to revitalize the area.

The city’s motto is:

“Always Doing – Spartanburg is a city that doesn’t just create goals, but achieves them. Doesn’t just house businesses, but advances them.  We are doing more because we were raised to do nothing less. That’s why Spartanburg is always doing.”

Often you’ll hear people say Greenville-Spartanburg in the same breath as if they are somehow one city, linked together.

Yet the two cities are about 20 minutes apart and in appearance they each have their own distinct flavor.

Spartanburg SC sits in the northwest corner of the South Carolina along the North Carolina border.

With the revitalization of Morgan Square and the relatively new Chapman Cultural Arts Center there’s plenty of reasons for the residents and visitors to want to spend time strolling around downtown Spartanburg.

This Upstate South Carolina Best Place has undertaken many development projects to enhance the city.

Initiatives to allow for better traffic flow, create housing for elderly citizens, and the practice of bringing in entertainment hot spots like the Wild Wings Cafe, are all part of the plans to keep Spartanburg moving in the right direction.

Community spirit is alive in Spartanburg SC.  A city of volunteers residents contribute time and money in the way of beatifications and efforts such as the Spot of Pride Project, enhancing the appearance of the city landscape.

Since 2001, over 170 million dollars have been invested in the local economy.

Upstate South Carolina Best Place Spartanburg boasts a population of 37,074 people in Spartanburg County, which has a total population of 284,792 people.

Spartanburg SC is not only close to Greenville but is only about an hour and a half from the Piedmont Best Place to live and state Capital Columbia, SC and major banking center of  Piedmont North Carolina Charlotte.

And if you love the mountains Spartanburg is about an hour and fifteen minutes from Asheville NC. And I have to tell you it is one of the most beautiful rides!

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