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National recognition as one of the top ten best towns for families and one of the 25 most affordable cities in the entire country.

Upstate South Carolina Best Place to Live Simpsonville

Simpsonville SC

Upstate South Carolina Best Place Simpsonville is a best place to live just 15 minutes southeast of Greenville.

Needless to say, this Upstate South Carolina Best Place to relocate or retire if you’d like to be close to a large city yet in a smaller populated area.

In the last couple of decades, Simpsonville has enjoyed strong and steady growth and has a population of about 15,135 people which is near the 30% increase in just the last decade.

It’s no wonder Simpsonville SC is experiencing great growth with the Upstate South Carolina Best Place Greenville area becoming so popular.

Simpsonville is located in Greenville County South Carolina, which has a total population of about 379,616 people.

The town leaders of Simpsonville have been focused on continually revitalizing the downtown area.  Working with the challenges they were presented with when commercial interests moved to the outskirts of town.

With nearly 100 residential communities in the area and more opening everyday, strip centers emerged drawing people away from the heart of town.

Now, the downtown area is charming combining the old and new.

And that includes the residents- 61% are under the age of 35.   And well-educated at that.

The Upstate South Carolina Best Place Simpsonville area has one of the highest median household incomes of any of the smaller cities/towns surrounding Greenville.

As a suburb of Greenville SC, Simpsonville SC enjoys all of the attractions that the larger city provides, while maintaining the charms and slower pace of a small town.

In nearby Greenville, you can visit the Bi-Lo Center for sports and music performances, the Greenville County Art Museum and Greenville Little Theater, for arts, as well as attending one of the many festivals throughout the year.

And did I mention dining?  There are plenty of restaurants to choose from for you foodies out there.

So, let’s sum this all up.

  • excellent medical center
  • wonderful parks
  • recreational facilities
  • good schools
  • proximity to Greenville

And, did I mention the median home value in Simpsonville is only about $105,000!

I don’t know about you but I think that is very reasonable.  Be sure to let me know if this is your Upstate South Carolina Best Place to live!

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