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Upstate South Carolina Best Places Seneca is known as, “The Golden Corner,” and has been compared to Lake Tahoe in terms of beauty and recreational options.

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Seneca SC

However, housing prices in Upstate South Carolina Best Places are a bit lower than its Nevada comparison.

The median home value in Seneca SC is approximately $130,000 and the average rental cost starts at $462 a month.

The largest town in the county, Upstate South Carolina Best Places Seneca is a place where the fringes of nature’s beauty come together in the northwestern corner of the state.

The Blue Ridge Mountains taper off into pristine lakes and rivers, before the land changes into the rolling heartland of the state.

Seneca SC also enjoys plenty of culture.

Clemson University is nearby (ten miles away), allowing residents to enrich their minds as well as their spirits.

For amenities, services of larger city, Upstate South Carolina Best Places Greenville is forty miles away and Spartanburg.

A bit further but worth a day trip is Atlanta, GA, at 125 miles to the west, and Piedmont North Carolina Charlotte NC, 140 miles to the east.

Seneca has a population of about 8,000 people and is located in Oconee County South Carolina, which has a total population of 68,523 people.

Southbound access to Interstate 85 is located about a half hour southwest, outside of Fair Play, SC.

Northeastern travel on Interstate 85 and southeastern travel on Interstate 26 can both be reached about an hour away, outside of Greenville.

Seneca SC was dubbed the “City of Opportunity” not long after its founding and I’d suggest Seneca’s combination of location, natural beauty, multiple cultural outlets and a low cost of living are all opportunities you do not want to miss.

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