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Located in the northwest corner Upstate South Carolina Best Place, Greenwood is near the Georgia border.  And as you can see, it’s in countryside filled with lofty pines and long lakes.

Greenwood SC Upstate South Carolina Best Place

Greenwood SC

Greenwood’s natural beauty is further enhanced by its proximity to the Sumter National Forest and its protected lands.

Is it just me or does this lake look wonderful?

Access to this Upstate South Carolina Best Place is easy with several major South Carolina routes meeting around the center of the town, leading to the interstates for further travels.

Routes 25, 72, 34 and 178 provide access in and out of Greenwood in every direction.

The closest cities include Piedmont South Carolina Best Place and the state Capital,  Columbia SC to the east.

Augusta, GA sits to the south and another Upstate South Carolina Best Place Greenville to the north.

All of these cities are about an hour and a half away.  Far enough for a quiet lifestyle yet close enough for bigger city amenities.

The city of Greenwood has a population of 23,324 and is located in Greenwood County South Carolina, which has a total population of 67,503 people.

Historically Upstate South Carolina Best Place Greenwood was a cotton producer and trade center due to its proximity to the railroads and availability of fertile land.

Today Greenwood has a diverse economy thanks to an encouraging tax structure for business.

Greenwood SC has also embraced the future with its highly regarded medical facilities in general and specialized medicine, as well as genetic and biotechnology research centers.

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