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Although it has a healthy economy of its own, South Carolina Upstate Best Place Anderson SC and it’s proximity to Greenville SC is a great incentive for commuters.

Anderson South Carolina Upstate Best Places

Anderson SC

Residents of Anderson typically pay about $30,000 less for similar homes and enjoy lower taxes than people living in Greenville SC.  WOW!!!!

I don’t know about you but for me that is some serious savings.  I can think of other things to do with that money.

Anderson SC is also about fifteen minutes east of the Georgia border and fifteen minutes south of Interstate 85.

And what’s so special about South Carolina Upstate Best Places and Interstate 85?

The I-85 corridor which stretches from Atlanta GA to Charlotte NC is one of the nation’s hottest growth areas. This stretch of highway is one of the heaviest traveled highways in the southeast.

Which tells you something about the growth opportunities. Not only for you as a home owner but also for jobs and if you are inclined to start your own business.

In addition to the Interstate, South Carolina Route 29 runs southwest to northeast.  And Route 28 provides access to the northwest and southeast regions.  Anderson SC is also only forty-five minutes from Greenville.

South Carolina Upstate Best Places like Anderson are in the northwest corner of South Carolina.  South Carolina Upstate is one of the most beautiful areas in the state.

In case you are a bit confused, this area is also known as the Piedmont region, Upstate or Upcountry.

The South Carolina Upstate has four distinct seasons.  Including a fall that explodes in a palette of colors not found in any Crayola box.

Anderson SC has a population of 27,181 people and is the county seat of Anderson County which has a total population of 184,900 people.

And it is aggressive in cultivating business relationships to benefit the town.

Efforts such as bringing in advisers to work with local small business owners helps to foster a sense of confidence that Anderson is a good place to do business. Anderson has been sure to put into place the foundation necessary to build a thriving economy.  They have invested in a good transportation system and they have a solid infrastructure.

Anderson’s downtown is rich in history.  The streets are lined with statues honoring heroes, and trees and steeples reach to the sky. The sidewalks are lined with manicured shrubs and greenery, linking shops, restaurants and people.

Once the recipient of “All-American City” honors, Anderson SC residents consists of a great mix of people of different ages and backgrounds, which all come together to form a friendly, complete community.

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