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Pawleys Island SC

Coastal South Carolina Best Place – Pawleys Island SC began as a retreat for riverside farmers to escape the threat of malaria in the summers.

Now this South Carolina Coastal Best Place is a great way to take a break from the stresses of the everyday grind.

Located about midway between two other South Carolina Coastal Best Places Myrtle Beach SC and the city of Georgetown SC.

Pawleys Island is a small barrier island that has escaped some of the tourist craze the rest of the Grand Strand endures.

Pawleys Island has a year-round population of about 200 people and is located in Georgetown County South Carolina, which has a total population of 58,924 people.

Although the numbers in this South Carolina Coastal Best Place swell during the summer months, Pawleys Island SC is proudly referred to by residents as, “arrogantly shabby.

And is valued as a place without pretense, where heading out without shoes and un-showered is par for the course.

Only about four miles long and about a house or two wide, Pawleys Island is separated from the mainland by a salt marsh.

Connected by two causeways, sighs of relief can often be heard by those making the crossing onto the island, where many of the annual visitors say they share a feeling of camaraderie with the year round residents.

People who decide to make this South Carolina Coastal Best Place their home, quickly value the laid back lifestyle that emits from the island.

Since the climate is delightful year round, you’ll spend your days crabbing in the creeks, fishing, listening to ghost stories of old or relaxing in your favorite rope hammock.

I don’t live there and I even have a Pawleys Island Hammock.  I bet you’ll be shoeless and carefree.

Pawleys Island SC for an  unspoiled, unsophisticated, casual lifestyle on a beautiful stretch of beach and sand dunes.

Located seventy miles north of historic South Carolina Coastal Best Place Charleston SC. And if you’d like to venture into the ever popular South Carolina Coastal Best Place of Myrtle Beach you’ll have an even shorter drive of twenty-five miles.

Pawleys Island allows its visitors and residents to escape the high rise residential complexes of Myrtle Beach, while still enjoying the best beaches of the South Carolina Coast.

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