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Moncks Corner SC

SC Coastal Best Place to live of Moncks Corner SC is a fine small town just off of the southern coast.

Just a short ride north of Charleston SC where the pace of life is much more laid back and relaxed than many other areas.

You have to admit, it sure does look peaceful.

Can you imagine being in a boat just gliding along?

A small town with a population of about 7,266 people in Berkeley County South Carolina, which has a total population of 173,498 people.


Downtown Moncks Corner SC consists of a main street style shopping area full of pastels and hanging awnings perfect for doing your daily shopping, while enjoying the outdoors as you walk from shop to shop.

Moncks Corner is located in the crook where Lake Moultrie meets the Francis Marion National Forest off of the banks of the Cooper River.

The land surrounding the town is full of canals bordered by green forested lands and waterfowl streaming through the sky.

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So if you like living by water and it doesn’t have to be the Atlantic, you may want to give  SC Coastal Best Place Moncks Corner a consideration.

The climate in southern SC Coastal allows residents to enjoy their time outside nearly all year round.

While Moncks Corner SC residents are able to enjoy the high quality of life afforded by their small town atmosphere, they are also within an easy drive to the city of Charleston SC which is just a half hour south.

South Carolina Highway 52 is the main corridor in the area as it runs north and south, eventually meeting up with I-26 which runs northwest inland to Columbia SC which is about two hours away.

Another SC Coastal Best Place Georgetown SC is about an hour and fifteen minutes north and Beaufort SC is about two hours south.

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