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The rich history of Georgetown as one of the best places to live Coastal SC is evident as you walk through the five-by-eight block area that was set-up as the town center in 1729.

The area now makes up Georgetown’s National Register Historic District.

Georgetown is South Carolina’s third oldest city and has been ranked among America’s Top 100 Small Towns by travel writer Norman Crampton.

With easy access to the ports, an available workforce, and low operating costs, this best places to live Coastal SC proves a great place to do business.

There are only a couple of ways to get to Georgetown.

From the north there is route 17 which runs from another best places to live Coastal SC, the very popular Myrtle Beach. Or 701 which heads inland after meeting up with 521 in town.

A small coastal town, Georgetown SC has a population of approximately 9,001 people and serves as the county seat of Georgetown County, which has a total population of 60,703 people.

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The downtown of this best places to live Coastal SC revolves around Front Street.

Front Street is made up of stores with distinctive merchandise, sidewalk cafes and restaurants.

But wait…as you wander through some of the stores, you quickly learn what’s on the other side!  The waterfront.

The economy of Georgetown SC is focused on expanding while keeping in good faith with the character of the land.

Georgetown SC attracts people who crave a coastal lifestyle with historic character.   But residents will tell you they don’t want huge swarms of people and congestion.

The best places to live Coastal SC of Myrtle Beach is about fifty minutes away.  Another equally popular best places to live Coastal SC is Charleston at about an hour and fifteen minutes to the south.

This makes Georgetown a perfect destination in the middle of two larger metropolitan areas.

Two more best places to live Coastal SC similarly idyllic towns are easily within reach of Georgetown.

Pawleys Island which is about twenty minutes up the road.   And Murrell’s Inlet which is another ten minutes past Pawleys.

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