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The South Carolina Coast best places to live of Charleston is a city of rich history.

Charleston began its rise to greatness as a port city.

Charleston SC was the starting point of the Civil War.  A fact that residents and visitors are reminded of by the many statues and monuments throughout the city.

Maintaining its nautical roots of prosperity, many cruise ships dock out of Charleston.

The downtown area is situated as close to the water as possible without getting wet.

This South Carolina Coast best places to live has a population of 125,583 people.

It is the largest city in Charleston County, which has a total population of 365,014 people.

The Old City Market is one of the prime shopping districts in Charleston.  The Old City Market has many of the top national and worldwide brands available.

So many people looking for their South Carolina Coast best places to live are drawn to Charleston SC.

However what they may not realize until they visit is that walking through the city, you’re sure to feel as though you stepped into the past.

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The side streets are lined with old homes painted gaily in pastels.  They peer out from behind their iron gates and beg all of us to take a closer look.

There are plenty of buildings dating back to before the Revolutionary War.  However this isn’t unusual for many of the South Carolina Coast best places to live.

Charleston SC is located at the confluence of Interstate 26 and US Route 17.  Interstate 26 runs westward inland to other South Carolina Coast best places to live.  Best places like Summerville, and US route 17 travels north and south along the shore.

With its coastal location, Charleston SC residents enjoy some of the best beaches on the east coast. life.

Living in Charleston SC not only gives you some of the best beaches in South Carolina and the east coast but don’t forget about the city itself.

And helping to make it onto the list of South Carolina Coast best places to live, Charleston is conveniently located.

Just two hours east of the South Carolina Capitol city of Columbia SC.  And two hours south of another South Carolina Coast best places to live Myrtle Beach.

A bit of a longer drive but worth it for a weekend getaway,  Savannah, Georgia is only a little over 2 hours south.

Another South Carolina Coast best places to live and definitely worth checking out is Beaufort.   Beaufort is about an hour and a half to the south.

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