Charlotte North Carolina Best College Town


Charlotte North Carolina Best College Town To Retire or Relocate

The city of Charlotte North Carolina has been growing by leaps and bounds in the last few years.

Known more for its banking and business roots, Charlotte also has a vibrant university atmosphere as well.

Between the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (25,000 students) and Central Piedmont Community College (70,000 students), Charlotte, NC has a strong attraction retirees looking for their Best Place to live in North Carolina.

Similar to Durham NC, Charlotte is not your typical college town, which is a big draw for people looking for their best place to retire.

The arts, shopping, medical, and restaurant offerings are far greater than any small college town would typically have.

The University of North Carolina branch in Charlotte does not offer senior specific courses through their continuing education department (, but they do offer certificate courses in a number of business related pursuits such as web design, business analysis, event planning, and plenty more.

Seniors are able to take classes from the regular course catalog at a discounted rate. The Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) website is, and they also have a continuing education department.

Like the UNC branch, most of CPCC’s continuing education offerings are based around business development, so seniors interested in a wider variety may be better off looking in the regular catalog.

If attending classes on a daily basis for credit sounds like a bit much to you, you can audit the class for a reduced fee and attend when it suits you.

If you enjoy the arts, both colleges enhance Charlotte’s fine arts scene with their own range of performances.

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