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Best Place To Live In North Carolina Chapel Hill NC

Typically when a person thinks of NC Best College Towns, they think of Durham and Chapel Hill, and with good reason.

These two cities in Piedmont North Carolina are home to a couple of great colleges.

In Chapel Hill NC, you’ll find the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  +

With over 22,000 full-time students, the college has a huge presence in the community.  And what a presence the University is in Chapel Hill.  Wow!!!!

With such a large number of students, Chapel Hill NC is a great location for an entrepreneurial minded person who wants to rent out a home to college students, as an investment.

The area surrounding Chapel Hill NC is known for its high levels of medical care, and prevalence of information technology companies.

At the college, there are a number of resources for older learners. The Continuing Education Center (known as the Friday Center) can be found at

One of my favorite parts of UNC Chapel Hill’s offerings is the self-paced courses offered by the Friday Center.

These courses are considered part-time, for credit offerings, ranging from Art and African Studies to Accounting and Statistics. There is also a number of non-credit, enrichment style offerings.

You can visit for a list of current and past events offered as enrichment programs.

With options ranging from full and part-time online courses to in class courses, there is no reason for your education to stop in retirement.

Chapel Hill NC has a good public transportation system, making it ideal for older residents who may not wish to drive.

With the great medical facilities, close proximity to a major airport, and three great colleges, it’s easy to understand why more and more retirees are choosing NC Best College Towns for their relocation or retirement.

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