Boone North Carolina Best College Towns


Boone North Carolina Best Places To Live Best College Town

In the northwestern corner of North Carolina, set in the Appalachian Mountains, you’ll find Boone.

The North Carolina Best Places To Live college town of Boone is the largest of these three sleepy mountain towns.

North Carolina is famous for the Piedmont Research Triangle of

And, the Triad of

However there’s another triangle of North Carolina Best Places To Live that is special in its own way.

Boone is home to Appalachian State University, which has a student enrollment of about 12,000.

The North Carolina Best Places To Live of Boone winds around the college campus.  The main street is colorful and made up of small shops and eateries.  And as would be expected, atmosphere is friendly.

Boone is a North Carolina Best Places To Live because of the college, but also because the real estate surrounding the town is more affordable than around Blowing Rock, fifteen minutes away, or Banner Elk, a half hour away, while being close enough to enjoy these characteristic mountain towns as well.

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Appalachian State University (ASU) brings a lot to the town of Boone.

One of the most interesting institutions associated with ASU is the Appalachian Studies Department.

The Appalachian Studies Department studies the local region’s history and development, as well as hosting events such as acoustic open mike jam sessions and environmental preservation initiative groups.

ASU is home to the Community Art School which has ongoing exhibitions, and has a vibrant music scene including summer festivals and shows throughout the year.

Especially for those choosing Boone as their North Carolina Best Places To Live for retirement is the Institute for Senior Scholars (

At the Institute for Senior Scholars, interested people can take classes in eight groupings of:

  • Art, Music, and Drama
  • Religion, Spirituality, and Philosophy
  • History and Social Science
  • Math, Science, and Technology
  • Language and Literature
  • Health and Well-Being
  • Social and Political Issues
  • And Contemporary Living

Most of the classes are taught by retired professors or members, and there are group activities such as book club, hiking, and more to add to the classes offered.

If you love North Carolina, the mountains and think a college town is Your North Carolina Best Places To Live, you’ve got to check out Boone.

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