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Asheville NC Best Place To Live


One of my favorite Best College Towns in North Carolina has to be Asheville NC.

The North Carolina Center for Creative Retirement (NCCCR) is located in Asheville NC.  This is reason enough to make Asheville my number one college town for retirement in North Carolina not to mention it is my personal pic for my Best Place in North Carolina.

The North Carolina Center for Creative Retirement (NCCCR) is an award-winning, internationally-acclaimed learning community dedicated to promoting lifelong learning, leadership, community service, and research.

We opened our doors in 1988 as a department of the University of North Carolina at Asheville. Our goal is to enable our members to “thrive” in life’s second half.

The Center embraces an unusually comprehensive array of programs in the arts and humanities, the natural world, civic engagement, wellness, life transition and retirement relocation planning, inter generational co-learning, and research on trends in the reinvention of retirement.”

At the NCCCR, you can join in on discussions about spirituality from a number of faith based perspectives, engage in inter-generational classes, help with research on retirement trends, and learn about complimentary medicine such as acupuncture and reflexology.

It is a member based organization, run for and by the members.

The 1,800+ members do most of the teaching and volunteering which keeps the center buzzing with activity.

The NCCCR is a learning community where the members participate and create together, forming a community of excitement and great personal development.

The age threshold is 62 with 43% of its members age 64 or younger while 17% are age 75 and older.

The NCCCR offers a variety of courses including:

  • Analyzing Your Mountain Home Site: First Steps to Landscaping
  • Beer: A Journey Through Time
  • Ballroom Dancing
  • Bury the Hatchet: Doing Conflict Constructively
  • Computers-R-Us
  • Everybody’s Got a Story: Writing the Personal Essay
  • Exploring PowerPoint
  • Frank Lloyd Wright: America’s Most Famous Architect
  • Free Alternative to Photoshop
  • Get Big with Painting WORKSHOP
  • Infinity
  • French
  • Knitting
  • Piano
  • Tap
  • Interpretive Writing About Life’s Experiences
  • Journey Dance/Move Your Body
  • Make a Tablet Portfolio WORKSHOP
  • Making Better Travel & Vacation Photographs WORKSHOP
  • Men Exploring Meaning During Life Transitions: From Doubt to Self-Confidence and Optimism
  • More Drawing for Fun: Landscapes and Portraits
  • Older, Wiser, Sexually Smarter II
  • Performing Stand-Up Comedy

The NCCCR also has seminars in leadership, so if you’re interested in leading the next generation, Asheville NC is a good place to start.

Most of the courses are low in cost ($60 -$115) and time (4-8 week classes) commitment, so you can get a taste for something you may have always wanted to try without a huge commitment.

Classes are held at the University of North Carolina at Asheville’s campus, and the college is one of the country’s best public arts universities.

Beyond the NCCCR, Asheville NC is well known for its great restaurants, nightlife, and its arts and music scene.

Natural beauty surrounds the city, as well as charming smaller towns.

Learn more about Asheville NC and you just might find Your Best Place To Live In North Carolina.

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