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Living In NC Best Places In Eastern PiedmontHeading west I was anxious to learn about living in NC best places in eastern Piedmont, I said good bye to Coastal North Carolina best place to live of Edenton.

I was on my way to the NC best Places to live and the infamous Research Triangle.  I couldn’t wait to get to the beautiful city of Raleigh NC.

As I continued westward, I couldn’t help but notice how quickly the air changed.  Odd I had just left Coastal North Carolina yet it was becoming hotter and more humid.

Living In NC Best Places in eastern Piedmont, the climate would be hotter?

Immediately I missed the ocean breezes of the Coastal North Carolina best places to live that helped to keep me cool during the past few days.

I easily found my way to Falls Lake State Park, where I was able to cool off in clean waters.  Falls Lake State Park is just a stone’s throw from downtown Raleigh.

The next morning anxious and excited I headed to downtown Raleigh to walk around and get a feel for living in NC best places in eastern Piedmont.

Getting into downtown Raleigh was a bit of a guessing game.  The highways circle the center of Raleigh creating a beltway like Washington D.C. and Baltimore.

Getting into downtown Raleigh with a sigh, I headed to the business district which is located in the center of the city.

The central downtown and business district of Raleigh North Carolina is made up of a dense cluster of high rise buildings.  Surrounding the city center is a series of many one way streets.

After a bit of driving in circles, I found myself in the southwest corner of Raleigh, which is part of the arts, restaurants, and entertainment district.  And as you can see…it is a really beautiful downtown.

Living In NC Best Places In Eastern PiedmontLeaving Raleigh, I drove southwest to explore living in NC Best Places to live of Cary.

Now, Cary NC is known as the center for relocated Yankees. I didn’t see any, but maybe that’s just because they weren’t wearing their signs.

Cary is only about twenty-five minutes from Raleigh, so it also serves as a great home for commuters.  Cary is a town with a population of 145,600. Yes, I said town.  But that’s a whole other conversation.

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Anyway Cary has a Main street of stores and some business activity as well.

A couple of the buildings had murals on their brick walls depicting scenes from the past… Model T’s skirting through cobbled streets, men in top hats and ladies in petticoats.

Most of the shops were small and quaint. A gourmet deli sat on one corner and a pharmacy with a lunch counter called Ashworth’s was on another.

I headed into Ashworth’s for lunch and got a barbecue sandwich.  The sauce was authentic Eastern Carolina Barbecue, made with a vinegar base rather than a tomato base.

Next to me was a long time citizen of Cary, NC, Gus.  Just about everyone who walked into the store greeted him by name.

With lunch finished, I left the Ashworth’s and Gus’ warm company, heading into an upcoming popular Apex NC about twenty minutes down the road.

Living In NC Best Places In Eastern Piedmont ApexThree NC best places to live and all with a very different feeling for Living In NC Best Places In Eastern Piedmont.  I felt as though this could be were I would live if I were to commute into Raleigh everyday.

Only forty-five minutes from Raleigh, Apex has a much larger selection of services than Cary’s small downtown.

Apex’s commercial district is made up of a long strip of shopping centers, and residential communities set back from the road.

The centers held everything from Applebee’s and Chili’s, to small Greek and Thai restaurants, and bakeries.

The residential communities were recently built, well maintained, and adequately insulated from the sound and bustle of the street. I continued through the commercial area and turned left to enter the downtown Apex historic district.

Although Apex, NC is made up of only one street, I found some great potential there.  There were many people walking popping in and out of the many boutiques, galleries and curio shops that lined the street.

Several of the downtown buildings had recently changed hands and were undergoing renovations to turn them into higher end restaurants.

With the wealth of commercial businesses and a prevalent, protected historic downtown section I immediately felt I might like living in NC Best Places in eastern Piedmont region.  Apex is one of the best places to live in North Carolina.

Come along as we head west into the ….

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